Names and codes of the most popular national stand

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National standard name code

Chinese standard: CB China shipbuilding industry standard rather than all products 1. Seek high nickel ch China Surveying and mapping industry standard CJ China urban construction industry standard CY China publishing industry standard da China Archival Work industry standard DB China Agricultural machinery industry standard DJ China electric power industry standard DL China Electric Power Construction Industry standard DZ China Geological and mineral industry standard EJ China nuclear industry standard Quasi FZ China textile industry standard GB China compulsory national standard gb/t China recommended national standard GJB China military standard Gy China Radio, film and television industry standard GA China public safety industry standard HB China aviation industry standard Hg China chemical industry standard HJ China environmental protection industry standard hy China marine work industry standard JB China Machinery Industry (including machinery, electricians, instruments, etc.) Mandatory industry standard jc- China building materials industry standard jb/t- China Machinery Industry (including machinery, electrician, instrumentation, etc.) recommended industry standard jg- China construction industry standard jr- China financial system industry standard jt- China highway Water transport industry standard JY China education industry standard JZ China Construction Engineering Standard LD China Labor and labor safety industry standard ly China forestry industry standard MH China civil aviation industry standard MT China coal industry standard MZ China civil affairs industry standard NY China agricultural industry standard QB China Light Industry Standard QC China automobile industry standard QJ China aerospace industry standard sb China commercial industry standard Standard sc- China aquatic industry standard sh- China petrochemical industry standard sj- China electronics industry standard sl- China water conservancy industry standard sn- China Import and export commodity inspection industry standard sy- China Petroleum and natural gas industry standard tb- China railway transportation industry standard td- China land management industry standard ty- China sports industry standard wb- China Health Standard wh- China Cultural Industry standard wj- China Ordnance industry standard xb- China rare earth industry standard yb- China ferrous metallurgy industry standard yc- China tobacco industry standard yd- China Post and telecommunications industry standard ys- China nonferrous metal industry standard yy- China pharmaceutical industry standard zby- China professional standard zby- China instrument industry special standard zy- China traditional Chinese medicine industry standard cns- Taiwan industry standard international standard: iso- International organization for Standardization standard jso/r- suggestions of international organization for Standardization Iiw- International Welding Association standard jcao- International Civil Aviation Organization standard icrp- International Radiological Protection Committee standard American Standard: ASTM std- American Society for testing and materials standard AASHTO std- American National Association of highway and transportation civil servants standard ANSI std- American Standards Association standard AIAG STD - Automation Industry Action Group standard API std- American Petroleum Association standard ASNT (SNT) The industry in the field of new materials has a good prospect STD - American nondestructive testing association area std- American Railway Engineering Association standard ASME std- American Society of mechanical engineers standard AIA std- American Aeronautical Society Standard AWS STD, how can you be an old bull? In fact - American Welding Association standard FAA std- American federal standard MIL-STD - American military standard MSS std- American manufacturers' Standardization Association standard asa- American national standard NCRP STD - American National Council for radiation protection and measurement standard sae- American Society of Automotive Engineers standard nas- American national aerospace standard ams- American Aerospace Material Specification abs- American marine administration standard aes- American Atomic Energy Commission Standard aisi- American steel Association standard DOD American Department of defense standard AIA American Aerospace Industry Association standard DOE American Department of energy standard NBS American National Bureau of standards standard 123 this standard: jis-123 this industry standard ndis-123 this Nondestructive Testing Association standard hpi-123 this high voltage Technology Association standard Canadian standard: CSA STD Canadian national standard can CgSB Canadian industry general standard IRS Canadian Standardization Association Standard British Standard: BSI British Standards Association Standard DTD British Aeronautical Material Specification BS British national standard French Standard: NF French national standard AFNOR French Standardization Association standard air French Ministry of defense standard German standard: ln former West German aeronautical standard sel former West German Technical delivery conditions for steel products DIN German industrial standard others: uni Italian national standard EN European Committee for Standardization standard ГОСТ- National standard of the former Soviet Union efndt European nondestructive testing union STAS Romanian National Standard as Australian National Standard

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