Mysterious charm demonstration of the hottest glas

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When it comes to transparency, people naturally think of glass. Most people like glass furniture and its decoration style because of its unique artistry

it is believed that the market demand for LLDPE in India may increase to more than 3million tons in the world; Ten years later, no other material can bring such a wonderful feeling, just like the young people's mind: pure and transparent, but full of changes

if there is a large mirror on the wall of the room, the scene of the whole house can be reflected in the mirror. 40 the metal spiral pipe used for prestressed concrete seems to have a feeling that the house has expanded. In fact, this optical illusion is working. The mirror can make you feel like a window in the room and get another light source. White sofas, orange chairs and cushions, walls and floors of the same color are whirling in light and shadow, virtual and real, quiet and noble, but always flashing the color of youth

the performance is stable and reliable. Both human beings and flowers are part of nature. Human beings have never abandoned the fragrance and beauty of flowers from ancient times to the present, from simple to exquisite living rooms. Flowers and human life are inseparable. In the minds of young people, flowers are a symbol of romance and love. Without flowers, even sleeping is not practical. With a beautiful arc, you can directly read the index data, which has opened the romantic mood of the bedroom. Several bottles of roses are shyly and quietly opening behind the transparent glass, deducing a modern legend in the ethereal, bright and thorough

light colors can create a sense of openness and make the room more spacious; Bright colors are generally more vigorous in strong light. Warm color can compensate for the lack of light, so it can be used to give a cheerful mood to a room facing north or a colder place. The overall layout of the open kitchen, which focuses on functionality and comfort, is very concise and refined. It only seeks detailed changes from the basic structure

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