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My management experience in injection workshop for ten years

five difficulties in injection workshop management

1 Coping variables. There are too many variables in the injection molding workshop. For example, the plan, mold, equipment, etc. are full of unpredictability. It is difficult for us to achieve the goal of "the enemy takes the lead in everything". Therefore, rapid response is a key point of workshop management. This requires that the quality of our existing personnel should be higher due to its unique cellular structure. So I think the most important thing in a workshop is job training, because everything is done by people, the basic factor of production. At the same time, we should also clearly see that the strength of individuals is small after all. We should give full play to the strength of the team. The combination of individual strength and team wisdom can make work twice the result with half the effort

I have been committed to building a perfect team for many years. Personally, I think the power of the team is infinite. One cannot do everything in an all inclusive way

2. Guarantee of training effect. There must be a plan before the training. What employees need to know most at present must be targeted. For example, what is the main training for technicians, what is the auxiliary training, what is the main training for production line employees, and what is the main training for foremen or team leaders, which shall be documented, kept for filing and used as the assessment basis. If the training has no effect, it is better not to train. At the same time, training should be conducted for weak links, such as full participation in 5S construction training courses, TPM and smed training for technicians, foremen and other technical management personnel. Before carrying out these trainings, we must make trainees aware of the benefits of these jobs

3. Assessment implementation. As the saying goes, people are light without pressure, establish good rules and regulations, set an example, and make clear rewards and penalties. The assessment system should be adhered to and inherited. For example, the daily performance evaluation of employees, the on duty work evaluation of technicians, the weekly evaluation of workshops, and the 5S monthly evaluation should be continued for some of the courses we have trained, and there should be perfect institutional constraints

4. Work breakdown, clear job responsibilities and perform their respective duties. Don't assign too many things to each post, so that everyone can do their work carefully and accurately. For example, who maintains the mold, who manages the defective products, and so on. This may make people feel that human resources are wasted too much. In fact, it is not. I prefer the words of Haier CEO, "doing ordinary things well is extraordinary, and doing simple things well is not simple". Formulate reasonable and appropriate job descriptions for each position, clarify the responsibilities of each position, and make employees understand their work and functions. Try to reduce the command beyond the level, try to learn to demonstrate the problems, and reduce the occurrence of "one speech", we can often see that in many enterprises, the leaders of higher vocational colleges at the level of director often speak in writing, but often do not start from reality

5. Pay close attention to quality. There are two main points to focus on quality: one is to prevent defective products from entering the post process; the other is to reduce defective products and improve production efficiency. This requires us to carefully analyze quality defects and find out problems to better solve problems. Problems shall be raised at regular quality communication meetings, and a solution shall be put forward before being raised, at least a feasible solution approved within the Department. Internally, we need to analyze our own causes and shortcomings, where the bad links are, and find ways to solve them. Only by doing so can we have the courage to communicate with other departments

top 10 wastes in injection molding process

1 The structural design and processing of injection mold are unreasonable, resulting in a large number of mold trials and mold changes, and a great waste of materials, electricity and labor

2. There are many rough edges at the gate and around the injection molded parts, resulting in a large amount of post-processing, a large number of workers at the machine position, and a large waste of labor

3. Low awareness of the use, maintenance and care of injection mold, many mold failures or even damage in the production process, frequent shutdown and mold repair, resulting in waste

4. The use, maintenance and service of injection molding machine are poor, the service life of injection molding machine is shortened, and the waste caused by shutdown and repair

5. The staffing of the injection molding workshop is unreasonable, the division of labor is unclear, the responsibilities are unclear, and no one does what should be done, resulting in the unsmooth injection molding production and waste

6. The vocational skill training is not in place, the working ability of the post personnel is low, the work quality is poor, the time of machine adjustment is long, and many problems occur, resulting in waste

7. Backward concept, not keeping pace with the times, not learning, not making progress, low level of injection technology management, low production efficiency in the injection production process, resulting in waste

8. The injection molding process control is not in place, resulting in a large amount of waste products in production, high defect rate, and waste caused by batch return

9. The use of raw materials in mold trial and injection production exceeded the plan, and the nozzle material or rubber head of the machine position was not strictly controlled, resulting in a large waste of plastic raw materials

10. "Material", "labor" and "cost" losses caused by improper injection production planning or machine arrangement, frequent mold transfer or machine replacement

the above ten waste phenomena in injection molding should not occur. In other words, they can be well controlled and can be improved and reduced through efforts. In fact, whether the injection molding workshop can make money, the most important thing is to find ways to control all kinds of waste in the production process, so as to achieve high quality, high efficiency and low consumption

12 measures for high quality, high efficiency and low consumption in injection molding workshop

1 Scientifically and reasonably determine the staffing of the injection molding department, and the necessary personnel must be available (such as mold maintenance personnel, machine maintenance personnel, production engineers, mold testing personnel, etc.) to ensure the smooth operation of the injection molding workshop; Among them, the mold testing personnel can support each other with the on-site production technicians, and the production engineer can coordinate the operation of the whole workshop by selecting the seven skills of the universal tensile machine, so that there will be no one link is busy and desperate, while other links are idle and idle, avoiding the waste of manpower

2. Clarify the job responsibilities of the personnel at each post, so that everyone knows their responsibilities and is responsible for what they do, so as to achieve the state of "everything is under the control of everyone"; The work should be detailed and the staff should be meticulous. Things in the workshop should be specific to people. The accountability system should be implemented. If there is a problem in any link, you should find the person in charge of that link

3. The customized personnel in the workshop arrange Kanban, straighten out the relationship between superiors and subordinates, and standardize and clarify the work in the workshop. Even those who come to the workshop for the first time can understand everything at a glance. This is the visual management we need to introduce. The person in charge of the machine, the person in charge of health, the office area, the conference room, the semi-finished product area, the finished product area and the rework area are managed by color. For example, the rework area is the yellow area, the defective product area is the red area, the semi-finished product area is the blue area, and the inspected finished product area is the green area

4. Avoid doing things only by experience. The most common thing we hear at the scene is that we all do things like this, and we haven't heard anyone say anything. This is wrong. The middle-level leaders should educate their subordinates from the details. What to do is right and what to do is wrong. For example, in 2002, an apprentice lifted the mold to the shoulder and then drew a water plug below. Because the water plug was not easy to hit and the workshop management was chaotic, many people turned the mold around to check. As a result, the ring fell off and injured a colleague's foot on the spot. When asked later, he said, Seeing that they have been doing this all the time, the prominent problem here is that the leaders have not done enough

5. Check the mold test to ensure the smooth injection production and the stable quality of most stripping experiments with force measuring range of about 5 ⑵ 00gf. From the very beginning, we should do a good job in the "identity certificate" and resume of the mold. We might as well make great efforts to discuss and verify some problems, and try not to delay the time to deal with the problems until the time of mass production

6. Enhance the awareness of mold maintenance, do a good job in the use, maintenance and care of injection mold, reduce mold failures in the injection production process, do a good job in the use, maintenance and care of injection molding machine and peripheral equipment, reduce equipment failures, ensure the stability of injection molding process, and extend the service life of equipment; Assign special personnel to conduct spot inspection and make records. For example, the molds are checked once a shift, and the maintenance rules are formulated for the molds in production on the machine. For example, whether the surface is cleaned by the master of the tooling department or the technician of the injection molding department in each shift. If the machine is normal and the mold is normal, we can do a good job in reducing the consumption of raw materials

7. Performance appraisal mechanism to enhance the working spirit and enthusiasm of personnel at all posts. One of the important points is how to award and how to punish

8. Strengthen the vocational skills training of personnel at various posts, formulate and implement the training plan for employees at all levels of the injection molding department according to the actual work needs of personnel at different posts, so as to improve the professional skills and work quality of personnel at various posts

9. Actively introduce and learn the advanced production management mode in the injection molding industry, absorb the advantages and strengths of others, not satisfied with the status quo, and strive for continuous improvement. The biggest problem is that there is no problem. We should constantly learn new injection molding technology and management knowledge, actively participate in training, and take the road of scientific injection molding. Even if we make only 1% progress every day, we are afraid that we will not make progress or simply think that we have reached the peak

10. Strengthen the implementation of various management systems, operation processes and specifications. This is extremely important. If we only train, do not assess and are not practical, our efforts will be in vain. We should make subordinates pay attention to our work and introduce training courses in time. If the work is not applicable, we can put forward improvements, but we should not say it with one mouth and have factual basis. The injection molding production information is known to the personnel directly involved in the production (including operators), so as to improve the communication effect and reduce the occurrence of problems

11. Do a good job in the injection production plan, on-site machine patrol inspection and shift handover, reduce the frequent replacement of machines for production, and prevent the problems in the production of the next shift. The problems mentioned above about the mold resume can play a role here. When the mold arrives at the workshop, we can take out data for comparison. In this data, we can clearly reflect the production status of the mold, what problems have occurred in the early production, etc

12. Hold the regular production meeting of the injection molding department every week, summarize the problems in production, analyze the causes, identify, put forward effective improvement measures, and arrange the work plan and improvement projects for the next week

detailed management system 4 pay attention to the management of production site, including site material management, plan management, equipment management, tool management, personnel management, production scheduling management, 8s management, etc., and pay more attention to some daily details that are considered to be very simple

1. Personnel identification management

how to manage personnel identification on site

1) different wearing: A. armband, armband and shoulder band. Qualified personnel must wear identification; B. Job card color, personnel number, name, and job title and qualification

2) wear different clothes: A. skilled workers and unskilled workers wear different clothes; B. Wear appropriate clothing according to the position

3) photo of organization members: draw the organization structure, paste your own photo on the corresponding position, and publish it on the kanban

2. System management (visual management)

visual management refers to the progress of the operation site, inventory of materials or semi-finished products, poor quality, equipment failure

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