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In 2019, Myanmar will still reduce the production of wood cutting

release date: Source: China Wood merchants

according to the Ministry of resources and natural environment protection of Myanmar, in order to protect the sustainable development of forest wood resources in Myanmar, after the suspension of wood cutting production for one year, the production of wood cutting will still be reduced in 2019, and only about 610000 trees will be cut down

according to the Ministry of resources and natural environment protection of Myanmar, the Department has also accounted for the areas that have the right to cut down timber in Myanmar, the trees that grow and the timber data that can be produced each year, and has formulated a detailed cutting production plan. The cutting production volume in 2019 will be reduced compared with previous years. 590000 hardwoods and about 20000 teak trees are planned to be cut down

it is reported that the timber to be cut in the timber cutting production season in the fiscal year is about 320000 tons after being converted into tons, which is the lowest cutting production in the past 10 years. The Myanmar government limits the amount of timber felling in 2019, which may greatly affect the timber export structure

the amount of timber cut is linked to the supply. The supply is reduced, and the supply exceeds the demand. The physical and mechanical performance tests of various materials such as plastic film, rubber, wire and cable, waterproof coiled material, metal wire, metal rope and so on will certainly drive the price up. Myanmar timber, with its abundant supply, good quality and low price, has become a popular regional timber in the timber industry. Compared with other wood species, Myanmar wood does have unique advantages. For example, in the wood market, Huali, more than 20 companies with an annual production capacity of more than 100000 tons of teak, Ailanthus sinensis, southwest birch, black walnut, water wax gourd, golden pomelo and other wood are commonly used in the market and favored by downstream businesses

according to the information released by the Ministry of resources and nature protection of Myanmar, only 320000 tons of wood is planned to be cut in the annual wood cutting season, which is about 330000 tons less than that in the annual cutting season. So, does this mean that in the future, timber from Myanmar origin, especially Huali and teak, will have a round of price rise

on the one hand, the implementation of this policy in Myanmar has seriously impacted the development of domestic timber industry at the government level. A person in charge of Myanmar's timber industry said that at present, the amount of timber we have only basically meets the demand of this year. When the inventory consumption is completed in 2019, it will certainly drive the prices of a series of products to rise crazily. On the other hand, it will affect the adjustment of domestic timber import structure, and downstream businesses will certainly look for alternatives to Myanmar timber after exceeding the price range

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