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Introduction to Bochuang all electric injection molding machine

recently, Guangzhou Bochuang Machinery Co., Ltd. has received frequent good news. This private machinery manufacturer unveiled its first all electric injection molding machine at the China International Rubber and plastic exhibition in Shanghai this week. At the same time, it also achieved a substantial increase in sales, and announced new sales targets and opened up new export markets

be series all electric machines with 15, 30 and 50 tons of clamping force are suitable for small precision applications. According to Zhu Kangjian, the president of the company, the machine was developed by Bochuang in cooperation with a Japanese company

China has long been a major supplier of hydraulic presses in the world, but we are still in the initial stage of all electric machines. He said that the components of be machine are purchased in China, so the cost performance is high, which is the key to winning in the Chinese market

Zhu Kangjian said that Bochuang's small tonnage all electric machine, the establishment of a green alliance by 32 well-known logistics enterprises at home and abroad, is filling the niche market that other large Chinese plastic machine manufacturers have not yet set foot in, and can help electronic product manufacturers improve efficiency. According to his expectation, the sales volume of the all electric plastic machine will reach three figures by the end of the year

Zhu Kangjian said that the financial crisis had not adversely affected the company's revenue in 2009. Bochuang announced that the sales volume in 2009 was 400million yuan (58.5 million US dollars), which was much higher than 8.2). Automatic switching: during the experiment, the displayed curve automatically changed the range according to the experimental force and deformation, which was 330million yuan (48.3 million US dollars) in 2008. The company has set a sales target of more than 550 million yuan (80.5 million US dollars) for this year

the growth pace of the domestic market, which accounts for 3/4 of its business, is generally faster than that of exports. But at the same time, Bochuang is actively exploring new export markets. Earlier this year, the company established a strategic partnership with poolad

Co., Iran's leading injection molding machine manufacturer. Zhukangjian said that Bochuang's Guangzhou plant will produce CO branded machines for poolad

such new markets will help offset the loss of business in India, because the Indian government currently imposes high anti-dumping duties on plastic machines imported from China. Although the tax rate [76%] levied on our company a few days before the Spring Festival holiday is the lowest among the 10 import enterprises subject to anti-dumping investigations, it still has a great impact

Bochuang has a production area of square feet, more than 600 employees, and an annual production capacity of 7000 plastic machines

Guangzhou Bochuang Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded by Zhu Kangjian seven years ago. Previously, he became a new profit growth point of Shanxi Aluminum Plant in the industry. He served as the general manager of Zhenxiong group, a famous Hong Kong plastic machine manufacturer

now Bochuang has attracted venture capital from the United States, but Zhu Kangjian's ultimate goal is to lead Bochuang to go public. Maybe within two or three years, he said

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