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Introduction to three main models of paper cutter

1. Zwq series single knife paper cutter

the production capacity of this paper cutter in use depends on the speed, the quantity of paper and the gram weight when cutting paper. Stepless speed regulation is adopted, and the total amount of overlapping paper can generally be 800 g/m2. This paper cutter is equipped with a paper return rack in front of it, and it is best to be equipped with a paper receiving table or a paper sorting machine. In the series of single knife paper cutter, there are also CNC series and frequency conversion series, which can be explained when purchasing, and special specifications can also be customized

speed: m/min

2. Zwqs double knife paper cutter

this series of double knives hope that China can provide help in freight transportation, ports and other aspects. The paper cutter can be used to cut web paper into flat paper. In one cutting process, two lengths and widths of flat paper and paperboard can be cut. The maximum gram weight of paper cut is less than 800 g/m2, and the maximum layer is less than 12 layers. The front of this product is equipped with a paper return rack, and the back is equipped with a paper receiving table or paper receiving management. 8. The use effect of the measuring precision paper machine can be better by the metrological verification personnel of any metrological department to conduct fool type metrological calibration on the electronic tensile testing machine when necessary. Working speed: m/min

polyurethane composite material suitable for products with relatively complex corners and cavities: waneflex 693/wannate 80691

3. ZQZ series high-speed double blade paper cutter

the main purpose of this machine is to cut the web paper into flat paper, and the maximum paper cutting quantity is 600g/m2. In one cutting process, two kinds of flat paper of length and width can be cut. This paper cutter is mainly composed of paper feeding device, paper cutting device and paper return rack, It is also equipped with pneumatic and hydraulic systems, paper edge suction fan and electrical general transmission system. Working speed: 120m/min

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