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Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., as the pacesetter in the domestic packaging and printing equipment manufacturing industry, has been aiming at the international advanced level for many years, adhering to scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, constantly improving the technical content of products and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises. In this exhibition, Shaanxi beiren's newly launched one 4-color 1250mm wide 300m/min electronic shaft gravure printer and one 8-color 1300mm wide 300m/min flexographic printer will be brilliantly displayed in booth 003 of hall E1, which will not only display the latest achievements of the company's scientific research and innovation, but also convey more information about the development of enterprises to friends in the industry. We sincerely look forward to the extensive attention and visit of customers in the industry

participating products: 4-color 1250mm wide 300m/min electronic shaft gravure printing machine

main performance parameters: the maximum mechanical speed is 320m/min, the maximum printing speed is 300m/min, the input real work can be transmitted to the output without loss, the unwinding and winding diameter is 1000mm, the maximum winding weight of a single shaft is 1000 kg, the winding and winding motor is 15kw, the traction motor is 4kw, the servo motor is used, the horizontal adjustment of the coil is 10mm, the manual control is used, and the tension range is 3~30kg, The tension accuracy is 0.25kg, the traction is 0.15kg, the stamping force is 600 kg, the printing plate diameter is 120 mm ~ 300 mm, the plate roller length is 950 1350mm, the maximum material width is 1250 mm, the scraper moves 5mm, the air source pressure is 0.6MPa, the hot oil heating method is adopted, the maximum temperature of the oven is 120 ℃, the maximum wind speed of the oven is 30m/s, the utilization rate of hot air return air is 0 ~ 50%, the warmth control accuracy is 1 ℃, and the color deck spacing is 1800 mm

main innovative features: independent double station disc rotary frame for material collection and discharge. The motor is driven by synchronous belt, which has stable transmission and low noise. Analog non-contact sensor is used for tension detection, with high detection accuracy, strong stability, lower maintenance rate, safe and humanized design concept, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. The traction and printing department is driven by a separate servo motor, so that the transmission is more stable, the control accuracy is higher, the vertical and horizontal automatic registration, the accuracy is less than 0.1 mm, the horizontal caliper is used to manually align the plate, and the color registration system automatically completes the pre registration; The scraper device is a new type of rigid scraper with three-dimensional adjustment structure. The display screen shows the three-dimensional position and has the function of memory and storage; The scraper movement adopts a separate motor frequency conversion speed regulation; The new grinding plate can prevent ink splashing and prevent material film from falling into the grinding plate; Single color group independent drying system design of the drying department, high wind speed, large flow intelligent continuous constant temperature control; The cooling roll has a large diameter and spray structure, which reduces the scratch of the material film and has a good cooling effect; The shaftless control system perfectly integrates the independent driving and chromatic function of the color deck, so that the synchronous adjustment and chromatic adjustment between colors can directly act on the printing plate roller, with fast response, high precision and good stability

participating products: 8-color 1300mm wide 300m/min satellite flexographic printing machine

this satellite flexographic printing machine is a high-speed, high-end flexographic printing machine independently developed by Shaanxi beiren in absorbing the world's leading European and American technology. This machine has high production efficiency, high printing precision, advanced control technology, reasonable structure, simple operation, high degree of automation, and can use water-based ink or alcohol soluble ink to meet environmental protection requirements, It is mainly suitable for the printing of plastic film and paper, especially for PE and other deformable materials, with high overprint accuracy. And mass experiments (random sampling of production lines) require

main technical parameters: printing color number 8 colors; Maximum roll width 1300mm; The maximum mechanical speed is 320m/min; The maximum printing speed is 300m/min; The printing length range is 350~800mm (continuously adjustable in the middle); Thickness of double-sided tape: 0.55mm; The thickness of printing plate is 1.143mm; Registration accuracy: longitudinal 0.1mm (electric) transverse 0.1mm (electric); Unwinding diameter 800mm; Winding diameter 800mm; Tension range 3~30kg (full load); Tension accuracy 0.5kg (full width accuracy); Stamping force 10kg (full amplitude load); Drying method: electric heating (or steam heating); The printing material bopp15 ~ 60 mpe30 ~ 200 mpet12 ~ 60 m paper 30 ~ 100g/㎡ and other film papers with the same tension as the above materials

main features: using water-based or alcohol soluble ink; EPC correction is set before printing, so that the printing material is more neat; The high-precision central imprinting cylinder is imported with original packaging, and adopts constant temperature water circulation system. The surface is nickel plated to avoid corrosion; The central embossing drum adopts mechanical braking device, which is safe and reliable; The printed wallboard has an integral structure, and its strength is not easy to deform; Adopt full closed servo tension control, and the accuracy of up and down speed overprint remains unchanged; The printing length is not limited by the gear pitch, and can be arbitrarily selected within the range of the plate roller; Printing has the function of primary overprint; The printing pressure is adjusted by servo motor and has memory function. There are two adjustment methods, precise micro adjustment and fast adjustment; Ceramic grain yes ⑵ 000b pressure testing machine 3 Series roll closed scraper for ink supply, printing pictures and texts, ink color is thick and full, pictures and texts are clear, and the scraper device is pneumatically pressurized; Sleeve type plate cylinder, door type pulling structure on the operation side, easy and fast replacement; The embossing roller is driven by a servo motor, which keeps a relatively certain speed with the printing machine during printing. When it is stopped, it slows down to homogenize the ink to prevent the pit of the embossing roller from drying. Anti ink splashing devices are installed on both sides. When it is stopped or off press, the embossing roller immediately separates from the printing plate, stops feeding ink, and the printing plate cylinder releases the ink after it is completely transferred, so as to keep the printing plate clean; Stainless steel ink bucket to prevent ink leakage from rubbing dirty prints; The drying oven adopts the direct air inlet type, with small air loss and high efficiency. New oven structure, heat energy can be used twice, and intelligent constant temperature system is used for control; The traction roller can also be used as a cooling roller at the same time. The new structure increases the cooling effect

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