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Introduction of full-automatic color difference meter

introduction of instrument:

full automatic color difference meter is a full-automatic photoelectric color measuring instrument specially designed and produced for the drug inspection industry. It can accurately measure the transmission/reflection color difference when the liquid medicine and solid medicine powder are in operation, and can quickly make an objective comparison between the two kinds of medicine color samples, without human error. This method has been included as the third method of solution color examination in Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2000 edition

technical parameters:

1. Illumination conditions: Reflection 0/d, transmission 0/0

2. Type: transmissive and reflective Portable Colorimeter

3. Measuring aperture: Reflection: 18 mm, transmission: 10 mm measuring aperture

4. Sensitivity: similar to CIE 1964 isochromatic function

5. Calibration standard: national standard white correction plate benchmark

6 Observation conditions: Standard D65 light source

7, measurement range: 1.5~100% (reflectivity)

8, surface color parameters:

absolute value: CIE XYZ, YXY, l*a*b*, l*c*h* hunterlab

color difference: YXY, l*a*b*, l*c*h*, hunterlab color value

Whiteness: cie86 whiteness WG and TW values, R457 whiteness WR values, Hunter whiteness wh value, gb5950 whiteness WJ value, gb1530 whiteness medium yellow whiteness wty and blue whiteness WTB value St this is because the parts of 1-DAN electronic universal testing machine are designed and shaped according to stress. Ensby whiteness WS value, stephensen whiteness WP value

yellowness: ASTM (d1925) yellowness YID value, ASTM (E) yellowness only our team has excellent quality can give you the guarantee of service. Yie value

color fastness: color fastness SSR level, gray card color difference △ e*gs; The order of color fastness GS, gray card color difference △ ef

9, repetition accuracy: △ y 0.3, △ e 0.3

10, printing part: 16 pin dot matrix printer

11, use temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃

12, storage humidity range: -20 ~ 55 ℃

main features:

1, excellent color measurement performance: Microcomputer optimization aided design is adopted to make the spectral particularity of the instrument's measurement sensor fully comply with the CIE standard observer response curve, XYZ tristimulus value can be obtained accurately. And can provide a wealth of surface color system and white and chromaticity values

2. High stability and reproducibility: the instrument adopts patented technology to completely eliminate the system drift. Adding carbon fiber can be used to enhance the conductivity error

3. The preheating time of the instrument is short, only 10 minutes

4. High automation and multi-function: advanced microcomputer control technology is adopted to automatically collect and process data during operation, and then display or print. The operation is very simple and fast. It can be used to detect solid and liquid samples respectively

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