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Zoomlion guoxuehong: release the power of intelligent manufacturing and win in C

Zoomlion guoxuehong: release the power of intelligent manufacturing and win in C

China Construction Machinery Information

recently, the "dialogue" column of CCTV financial channel broadcast the series of "China's industrial landmarks", Changsha: from construction machinery to intelligent manufacturing, which has attracted much attention at home and abroad. Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, and other four construction machinery entrepreneurs exchanged views on the "Chinese power" behind the world's super projects. In the program, Zoomlion's magnificent journey from Changsha to the world stage, as well as its remarkable achievements in globalization and intellectualization, won great popularity. According to reports, Changsha construction machinery industry cluster achieved a total industrial output value of 163.9 billion yuan in 2018, accounting for about 28% of the total industrial output value of the national construction machinery industry, and its industrial scale ranks the first in the country -. At the 2019 global construction machinery industry conference and the top 50 summit, four Hunan enterprises including Zoomlion were selected as the "top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2019"; In the first half of 2019, Zoomlion's net profit increased by 198%, and achieved remarkable results by promoting high-quality development with innovative R & D

the first concrete machinery product developed and produced by itself has been successfully rolled off the production line since 1993. After years of innovative development, Zoomlion has inherited its scientific research genes and launched a large number of "world-class" landmark products. It has gradually grown into a global enterprise with leading products covering 10 categories, 55 product series and more than 460 varieties, refreshing the global understanding of made in China. In 2019, new China ushered in its 70th birthday, and Zoomlion also ushered in its 27th Birthday. As a witness and participant of the strength of new China, a promoter of the equipment manufacturing industry from weak to strong, and a beneficiary who should continuously add micro powder suspension, Zoomlion presented the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China with brilliant achievements

bices 2019 scene, China Construction Machinery Information () in-depth dialogue, Mr. guoxuehong, vice president of Zoomlion, took us to Zoomlion, the c-largest equipment manufacturing giant, to see the "intelligent manufacturing power" of the Hunan army of construction machinery in the new era

technical leadership, new product phalanx C appearance

"the biennial Beijing exhibition has arrived as scheduled, and old friends in the industry can gather together to exchange and participate in the grand event. It also coincides with the 70th birthday of the motherland. Standing at the new starting point of the development of China's construction machinery industry, this year's BICES Beijing exhibition is particularly meaningful!" At the beginning of the interview, President Guo sighed. For this industry event, Zoomlion carefully prepared, with the theme of "intelligent manufacturing · jointly building a beautiful China", and presented 32 products in six categories, including earth moving machinery, aerial work machinery, concrete machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, foundation construction machinery, industrial vehicles and other sectors, which are the focus of this exhibition

as one of the key sectors of Zoomlion's strategic layout, the performance advantages of the earthwork machinery matrix "high configuration, high efficiency, high intelligence, low fuel consumption, low failure, low maintenance" and the beautiful "appearance" of the new coating have attracted much attention; Za14je electric crank type and zs0407dc Mini scissor type aerial work platforms, new products of aerial work machinery, amazed the audience with the characteristics of "zero emission, long endurance, easy maintenance, accuracy and efficiency"; There are also the national six standard engineering hoisting machinery and concrete machinery phalanx first launched by the industry, and the industrial vehicle phalanx with excellent technology and green environmental protection, which were reviewed by global guests and won warm praise

"in addition to the brighter 'appearance' of the new series of products, it is more important to improve the internal performance advantages, especially the power matching and intelligent system." Talking about the new products released and displayed this time, President Guo said that this year's exhibition is more "future oriented". In order to meet the higher needs of the industry in the future, Zoomlion takes "technology as the root and product as the foundation", adheres to green innovation, constantly improves, polishes the business card of intelligent manufacturing, and continues to lead the development of the industry

as one of the sections of BICES 2019 heavyweight exhibition, Zoomlion high-altitude work machinery has made its debut with 10 high-altitude work platforms in recent years (6 scissors +4 boom), and za14je electric crank boom high-altitude work platform was released on site on the same day. "Aerial work machinery is a new industrial sector created by Zoomlion in the past two years. It has grown rapidly and has good growth." General manager Guo said that the demand for aerial work platforms in the construction industry is increasing day by day, and the global aerial work platform market is growing rapidly with strong demand. Now Zoomlion has completed the global upgrading of its forklift product line. In the future, Zoomlion will increase its market share and quickly become a rising star in the field of high-tech machinery through investment in product line building, intelligent innovation, channel integration and so on, Lay the foundation for entering the international advanced high-tech brand. "In the first half of this year, we have entered the top five in the high-speed machinery industry. If we are more fully prepared in terms of production capacity, for example, after we plan to complete the full upgrade of the boom production line at the end of the year, we will have a better performance in the high-speed machinery industry next year. Our goal in the high-speed machinery sector is to enter the top three in the industry."

as for the safety and reliability of high-altitude operation, President Guo pointed out that, like the large-scale crane tower crane equipment operation, with the increasingly strict safety management of the state, enterprises pay more and more attention to the training meeting. According to the operation characteristics of high-altitude operation equipment, it is also necessary to operate with a temperature not higher than 150 degrees. In addition to the high safety of the product itself, Zoomlion also adds "intelligent brain" to the aerial work machinery through the upgrading of intelligent system. The operator can realize intelligent fault alarm and diagnosis through remote management platform, app, equipment self-control system and other ways. The complete sensor system can provide accurate safety warnings such as overload, tilt, hole and so on, so as to maximize the convenience and safety of mechanical operation. "In addition, the improvement of the professional technical ability of operators has always been the weakness of the aerial work industry. Zoomlion continues to strengthen professional training, including in xiong'an new area, we are trying to train local farmers as full-time equipment managers,"

aiming at the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, 4.0 product engineering takes a higher level

since 2014, Zoomlion has launched the "product 4.0 Engineering", with "modular platform + intelligent products" as the core, The emergence of technological innovation has strongly promoted the development of the enterprise. Now, "4.0 products" has become a prominent label of Zoomlion in the construction machinery industry

"through the deep cultivation of technology in the past five years, all the new generation 4.0 products of Zoomlion have the characteristics of automation and intelligence." Technology has its own return, and the market share of domestic products of hoisting machinery and concrete machinery continues to maintain "one of the best", among which construction hoisting machinery and concrete long boom pump truck remain the first in the industry. The performance report for the first half of 2019 shows that Zoomlion's construction machinery business revenue has increased by more than 50%, the sales of intelligent 4.0 products have exceeded 80% of the total revenue, and the market share of core products such as tower cranes and truck cranes has increased significantly. The new 35 ton truck cranes off the line closely meet the market demand, and once became a "red" product in the industry that "one car is hard to find..."

2019 is called the first year of 5g. At BICES 2019, In the 5g remote operation experience area of Zoomlion earth moving machinery exhibition area, Beijing audiences can control the excavator operation of Changsha demonstration base thousands of miles away through 5g technology when sitting on the open driver's seat, which can be called the most "technological" experience of this Beijing Exhibition. At the forefront of the industry, Zoomlion and China Mobile officially signed a 5g business strategic cooperation agreement in August this year to jointly promote the deep integration of industrial equipment with the world's latest information and communication technology, promote the formation and implementation of 5g+ new business model, and shape a new business format of the construction machinery industry. President Guo said that in the future, more products and functions will be realized on the 5g platform, such as the independent operation and remote monitoring of equipment, which will make the operation more accurate, minimize the communication delay between people and equipment, and create more "super craftsmen", bringing disruptive changes to the construction machinery industry

at the same time, Zoomlion has made an all-round layout of intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent factories are blooming everywhere. At the beginning of this year, Zoomlion tower crane intelligent factory, the world's largest tower crane factory, was officially put into operation. At the same time, it also has the first intelligent factory of scissor type aerial work machinery in China. The pace of industrial intelligence and integration into a new round of scientific and technological innovation has been further accelerated. At the same time, the Zoomlion smart industry city project has started construction. After completion, it will become the world's leading high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing base and artificial intelligence research and application base in the construction machinery industry, bearing the globalization vision of construction machinery transformation and upgrading and intelligent manufacturing

customer alliance is a new ecosystem with fruitful results of in-depth cooperation.

customer alliance is the sincere move of Zoomlion in recent years to focus on core customers, jointly innovate the ecosystem and share the great future. President Guo said that in the Chinese market, the user concentration is getting higher and higher, and the customer alliance is an industry "ecosystem" created by Zoomlion with the concept of "win-win development", deepening customer relations and cooperating with high-quality customers in the industry

for many years, Zoomlion has provided a series of services for alliance members, such as business handling green channel, upgrading of existing equipment, trial use of new products, financial support, talent training, business information sharing and so on. "Our support lies not only in a preferential business terms, but also in the tracking and support of the long-term growth of the customer enterprise. For example, through the training of its internal team and enterprise successors, we can improve its operation and management ability and make it go more stable and better in the fierce industry competition."

President Guo said that at the same time, the alliance will help its members establish a good business linkage relationship and promote cooperation among its members on major construction projects. "For example, there are many leasing customers on our platform. Their demand is to buy a good equipment and get a good job for a long time. Then we will put high-quality engineering docking projects on the platform through long-term cooperation with enterprises to 'match the supply and demand of the industrial chain'." It is reported that the first batch of customer alliances in 2017 was 40, and by the end of 2018, it has grown to 90 director units. According to the survey, the operation of alliance members in 2018 was generally good, with 90% of alliance members achieving business scale growth and 74% of alliance members achieving operating profit growth

"In the future, Zoomlion will work with industry colleagues to continuously improve and improve the operation mechanism and cooperation mode of customer alliance, and jointly create a win-win development and sustainable industry ecosystem. With the continuous expansion of the scale of customer alliance and the increasingly perfect platform management, it will reduce 'market personnel', increase platform managers, carry out end-to-end business model, and provide a new business model for China's construction machinery industry. ”

from "going out" to "going in", build a localized manufacturing cluster

in recent years, Zoomlion has made continuous breakthroughs in the internationalization process, accelerated the layout and upgrading of overseas production bases, and built a localized manufacturing cluster of the "the Belt and Road". Mr. Guo said that Zoomlion is now making a new attempt in the overseas market. Instead of simply "selling products" as before, it is further considering all aspects of sales, service, management, talent, capital and so on, and gradually building an overseas market

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