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Zoomlion H-share oversubscription bonus cows are chased by the market

Zoomlion H-share overscription bonus cows are chased by the market

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Guide: on December 23, Changsha Zoomlion Technology Development Co., Ltd. successfully landed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, with a closing share price of HK $16.18, up 8.01% from the bidding price of HK $14.98. The next day, it closed at HK $16.48, up 1.85%. Zoomlion issued H shares, Singapore Government Investment Corporation (GIC) and SOX

on December 23, Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd. successfully landed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, with a closing share price of HK $16.18, up 8.01% from the bid price of HK $14.98. The next day, it closed at HK $16.48, up 1.85%

Zoomlion issued H-shares, which were subscribed by Singapore Government Investment Corporation (GIC) and Soros Hong Kong fund through international placement, and Li Zhaoji, the "Asian stock god", also took a heavy position. The total amount of funds raised by the company in Hong Kong is expected to reach HK $15billion, which is the largest amount of funds raised by non-financial listed companies in Hong Kong this year

raise funds, invest more quickly and save money

Zoomlion raised 600million yuan from its IPO in 2000, and promised to invest in 11 projects, including the industrialization demonstration project of high concentration multiphase mixture pumping complete equipment

in 2001, 67% of the 600million yuan raised funds have been invested, and most of the projects raised and invested exceeded the expected completion period. In 2002, the raised funds were basically invested, and the financing amount of 600million yuan contributed 190million yuan of profits in that year. The fund-raising was only two years, and the investment return rate has reached 31.7%. In the following two years, the company's fund-raising projects generated revenue of 190million yuan and 170million yuan respectively. As of 2004, the raised funds of 600million yuan have generated a cumulative benefit of 550million yuan

in the next five years, Zoomlion relied on non raised funds to invest in many major projects and continued to maintain steady growth in performance

at the end of 2009, it has been ten years since Zoomlion's first financing. The company raised 5.57 billion yuan from non-public issuance of a shares and invested in 11 projects such as the industrialization of large tonnage cranes

as of June 2010, 3.05 billion yuan had been invested in the additional issuance project. The investment of all terrain cranes and large tower cranes in the industrialization project of large tonnage cranes has been basically completed, with the investment of about 50% for large tonnage tire cranes and about 60% for the construction of large tonnage crawler cranes, achieving a cumulative benefit of 560 million yuan; The industrialization project of underground construction equipment for building foundation has begun to enter trial production and operation, with a cumulative benefit of 69.35 million yuan. The private placement and investment project generated about 630million yuan in half a year

low financing and high return

since its listing in 2000, Zoomlion has been unable to escape the dilemma of leakage and no financing for 10 years, except for the IPO raised funds of 600million yuan and a non-public offering raised funds of 5.57 billion yuan. However, the company gives investors a stable return with good business performance every year

according to statistics, Zoomlion has been listed for a total of 12 times in 10 years, with a cumulative cash distribution amount of 1.38 billion yuan. The circuit and program of the whole machine have been optimized repeatedly according to the actual work characteristics, which is 2.3 times the funds raised at the time of listing. In addition, there were 7 stock transfers, with a total of 4.479.68 billion shares being sent and increased, with a capital expansion multiple of 48 times. It is commendable that the rapid expansion of share capital did not dilute earnings per share, but increased from 0.35 yuan/share in 2000 to 1.17 yuan/share in the first half of 2010. After the closing of the mid-term report in 2010, Zoomlion was honored as the "king of stock dividends" with a high transfer plan of 1.7 yuan for 10 free and 15 free

the issuance price of Zoomlion's shares in 2000 was 12.74 yuan. As of December 13, 2010, the closing price of the stock after the resumption of rights was 575.8 yuan/share. Capital gains alone brought investors 44 times a high rate of return

the latest data shows that Zoomlion's return on net assets in the third quarter of 2010 was 21%, much higher than the average value of 10% in the construction machinery industry; The net profit growth rate is 76%, while the industry average is 44%, which is only comparable

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