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Pursuing excellence, facing the world, Liugong won the national quality award again

pursuing excellence, facing the world, Liugong won the national quality award again

China Construction machinery information

on October 10, the 14th National Quality Award was issued in Beijing, and 9 organizations including Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. won the national quality award

the national quality award was implemented by the China Quality Association in 2001. The evaluation of the award is based on the national standard of the excellent performance evaluation criteria, which aims to encourage and guide Chinese enterprises to implement the excellent performance model, improve the quality of products and services and the quality of business development, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and even the country

it is understood that as early as 2008, Liugong won the national quality award. It is the first construction machinery enterprise to win the national quality award and the only construction machinery enterprise to win this honor twice

yuchuanfen, President of Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., said that product competition in the final analysis is the competition of quality, and the enterprise is the origin of product quality. Liugong has introduced excellent performance management mode since 2005. At present, it has established excellent performance self-evaluation system, key performance index system, collaborative operation system of different parts of benchmarking management body, high-level quality audit mechanism, some as high as 20%, so as to improve the "overall quality" of system operation and guide the organization to pursue "excellent performance". It has formed 11 product lines in the construction machinery industry, including loaders, excavators, rollers and bulldozers. In 2013, Liugong ranked 20th in the world's construction machinery industry

according to the introduction, there are several highlights of Liugong's striving for the national quality award this time

first, international vision and cultural guidance. Since 2009, Liugong has been guided by the cultural concept of "cooperation to create value". Although the single screw extruder has been relatively perfect in recent years, more than 0 international dealers have shared weal and woe and kept warm together. During this period, none of Liugong international dealers went bankrupt or left

second, customer orientation and market focus

it has built a global marketing network and formed a "five in one" marketing service system integrating sales, service, accessories and aftermarket, financial support and brand communication. Liugong global parts center has been established and systematic parts services have been carried out, forming the main mechanical configuration of global construction machinery products: the leading parts supply and rapid response system in the transmission industry

third, people-oriented and cultivate talents

introduce 3P human resource management system and establish a "broadband salary" incentive system based on post value, performance management and personal ability evaluation, so that all kinds of talents can grow rapidly

fourth, introduce, digest and innovate to move towards a technological highland. We will continue to introduce cutting-edge equipment such as processing centers, production lines and industrial robots with domestic and international advanced levels, forming an annual output of 75000 construction machinery. Actively participate in national projects and have a number of patents

fifth, the whole process supports the implementation of the strategy

continuously strive to optimize the overall cost

the effective operation of product manufacturing process, procurement process and marketing service process can form a strong support for the implementation of the company's strategic planning

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