The hottest pursuit, the original intention, forge

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Pursue the original intention, forge ahead and hand over the qualified "answer sheet"! Members of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee went into XCMG group to investigate

pursue the original intention, forge ahead and hand over qualified "answers"! p>

in the afternoon of October 14, the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee collectively carried out the study and research of "re following the road of general secretary's inspection", conscientiously implemented the general requirements of the theme education "keep the original intention, shoulder the mission, find the gap, and grasp the implementation", pursued the original intention in the in-depth study and continuous understanding, forged ahead, and worked hard to create new and greater achievements in Xuzhou's high-quality development

the leading comrades of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, the municipal government and the municipal CPPCC, the president of the Municipal Intermediate People's court, the procurator general of the Municipal People's Procuratorate, and the secretaries of the county (city) and district party committees attended the event, and the members of the sixth tour guidance group of the provincial Party committee attended the event

say change

remember the entrustment and show new actions

in XCMG heavy chassis assembly workshop, the modern production line presents a busy scene in full swing

although entering the fast lane of development, as the leader of the industry, worker Xu always keeps a clear head

in Wang Min's view, XCMG still has some weaknesses, such as insufficient reform and innovation power, insufficient enterprise management, and inadequate cost control, and there is still much room to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise. In the process of carrying out theme education, all Party members of XCMG found gaps while learning, and implemented rectification while promoting the implementation of theme education

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