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Pure electric road sweeper "environmental protection little bee" came out in XCMG shining

pure electric road sweeper "environmental protection little bee" came out in XCMG shining

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recently, XCMG sjds1000a pure electric road sweeper, known as "environmental protection little bee", officially went offline in the new XCMG environmental industry base. This product can be widely used in the cleaning of sidewalks, scenic spots and other regional environmental sanitation. It has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, no pollution, no noise and so on. The whole machine shape is inspired by the industrial design team of XCMG Research Institute through bionic design. The overall design shape refers to the characteristics of bees, reflects the lightweight and flexible characteristics of bees, and also meets the functional demands of products

as a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, XCMG group has always adhered to and implemented the "concept of sustainable development", and invested 100million to set up XCMG environmental company in August this year to fully enter the environmental industry, mainly engaged in environmental protection products such as environmental sanitation machinery and environmental protection services such as solid waste disposal and soil remediation, which has injected new vitality into China's green environmental protection industry. At present, the environmental protection company has become one of the enterprises with the most comprehensive product categories and the widest type spectrum in the field of environmental sanitation machinery in terms of urban and rural domestic waste collection and transportation and road cleaning

made in China 2025 includes "energy saving and new energy vehicles" into the ten key breakthrough areas, and relevant competent departments will promote the wide application of new energy vehicles in public services such as environmental sanitation services

"leading in environmental protection" opens the era of new energy

the chassis of this road sweeper is a self-made chassis. The energy source is generally that the two ends of the material sample are clamped on two clamps with a fixed distance of 1. It is a lithium iron phosphate power battery pack. It adopts an advanced battery management system to monitor the status of each battery in real time, help the driver accurately grasp the working time and facilitate battery maintenance. The structure of the whole vehicle is "front two brushes + middle two brushes + middle suction nozzle", and the technology of "wet dust removal + pulse dust removal" is adopted, which can wirelessly operate the opening and closing of garbage cans and rear doors. The cab is equipped with a touch screen and a rocker, which can easily operate the swing out and lifting of the brush

environmental companies firmly grasp the development opportunities of new energy sanitation machinery, layout in advance, increase investment in research and development and manufacturing of new energy sanitation products, and accelerate the expansion and enrichment of product lines. At present, the development, design, trial production and sales of xzj5080tslbev (3T) pure electric sweeper, sjds1000a, sjdh500a series pure electric sweeper, 8-ton LNG compression vehicle, 8-ton CNG sprinkler, 8-ton CNG sweeper and 8-ton CNG washing sweeper have been successfully completed. In the next step, more than 20 new energy products will be developed and designed in 2016, including 8 tons of pure electric washing and sweeping vehicles, 1 ton of pure electric series products (compression vehicles, carriage detachable garbage trucks, road maintenance vehicles, road sweepers)

"ingenuity" unveils the connotation of design

sjds1000a pure electric sweeper. The shape of the whole machine is inspired by the industrial design team of XCMG Research Institute through bionic design. The overall design shape refers to the characteristics of bees. It is very holistic and has a clear vision; The tail of the top cover, the rear-view mirror and the front brush, the shape of the covering parts that reflect the morphological characteristics of the bee abdomen and the overall yellow and black color matching, not only reflect the lightweight and flexible characteristics of the bee, but also meet the functional demands of the product. Bionic design elements are also reflected in the overall design of the product and the detailed design of core components. It is simple to operate, strengthens the novelty and dexterity of the product, and is unique in modeling design. It can completely distinguish other competitors' related products, and has become another bright business card in XCMG environmental sanitation equipment. At present, the company's environmental sanitation products mainly include: the carriage detachable garbage truck covers tons, which can adapt to all stations and boxes in the market. The compressed garbage truck has 3, 5, 8, 12 ton compressed trucks, and can be configured with bucket type, bucket type, swing arm type and other different collection methods. The xzj5250zys compressed garbage truck independently developed by the company won the science and technology award of China machinery industry. Road maintenance products mainly include cleaning and sweeping vehicles and road sweepers. TSL series dry and wet multi-functional and efficient road sweepers are the first major equipment products in Jiangsu Province. They have comprehensively applied quality technology to establish an independent research and development system for road sweepers and core components, and won the first prize of quality technology of China Association for quality. Xzj5162txsa4 washing and sweeping vehicle won the 2012 Jiangsu equipment manufacturing industry patent new product excellence award, the 2014 Xuzhou science and Technology Award and the third prize of Jiangsu machinery industry scientific and technological progress. The waste transfer station is mainly composed of three types of waste stations: horizontal fixed waste compressor, horizontal mobile waste compressor and vertical waste compressor, so every user must be careful in the process of use! It is mainly used for domestic waste transfer and treatment in large, medium and small cities. Among them, yjc40b domestic waste compressor, yjg15a domestic waste compressor and yjy45a domestic waste compressor have been recognized as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province

XCMG's environmental industry will always adhere to and practice the "concept of sustainable development", relying on XCMG's brand advantage of limit protection: with program-controlled and mechanical bipolar protection, strive to promote environmental management, and contribute to a better tomorrow for the world

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