The hottest purple led illuminates healthy life

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Purple led illuminates healthy life

health issues ferment, contributing to the emergence of purple led. According to many studies, light has a great impact on human sleep patterns and health. When the human body is exposed to LED lights with blue light at night, it may have a negative impact on sleep and long-term health. To solve this problem, purple LED has the characteristics of copying natural light time and visible light spectrum, which can automatically adapt to the environment according to the sunrise and sunset time, adjust user habits, and create a new healthy living environment

Nobel laureate Xiuer Nakamura said that lighting affects many health problems. Blue light will inhibit the release of melatonin in the brain and block sleepiness. As long as there is enough blue light around to stimulate the eyes, there is a chance to stop the release of melatonin, resulting in problems of sleep quality and myopia. These problems are caused by early natural light, which will increase the friction and heat source of the hydraulic components of the universal experimental machine

Takeji Nakamura pointed out that nowadays, more and more medical experts have begun to pay attention to the impact of different wavelengths of lighting on human health, hoping to know which wavelength or color of LED has an impact on health, and further control the LED in different wavelengths to control or avoid the damage caused by blue light to human body

Lin Gongru, director of the Institute of Optoelectronics and Department of electrical engineering, National Taiwan University, added that in order to effectively isolate the harm of blue light to the human body, Nakamura Xiuer replaced the blue LED through the purple led, and added phosphor on the purple led to make the color temperature close to the sunlight. At the same time, it can also minimize the harm to the human eye through this technology. Because the wavelength of blue LED just hurts people's eyes, there are many lighting source specifications that set some standards to limit the residual power value of the blue component in the lighting source; Purple LED technology can completely avoid the blue light band that is harmful to human eyes

koji Nakamura said that soraa has begun to mass produce purple led, which is applied in the field of home intelligent lighting, and can automatically adjust and convert blue light and purple light. For example, it uses blue light to wake people up in the morning, and the day falls West. Through soraa's patented bluefree LED technology, the blue light is completely removed, while retaining the beautiful and soft white

general smart bulbs can change color during the day and night, but because they are made of standard LEDs, they will emit up to 20 times blue light until they reach the limit position on the right hand side of the instrument. On the contrary, through the purple led, you can illuminate all around without affecting the color. In addition to soraa, manufacturers in Japan have also begun to use purple led for mass production in lamp manufacturing, and large LED manufacturers in Taiwan have quietly launched a series of layouts

Nakamura Xiuer revealed that purple LED can be widely used in almost every corner of daily life, but at present, due to price considerations, it has not been widely popularized in the market. He said that gallium nitride (GAN) substrates need to be used in violet LEDs to improve the quality and efficiency of LEDs, but Gan substrates themselves are expensive, so the output and price of violet LEDs are still on the high side. However, with the increase of production at this stage, it should be increasingly popular in supply and further reduce the overall price

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