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Pursuing three wins, leisai technology and your common development

from March 4 to 7, Chifa 2008 was grandly staged in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Leisai technology, based on the concept of pursuing three wins and common development, took a full range of stepping motor drivers, motors, AC and DC servo, motion control cards/controllers and other products to the first grand event of automation in 2008

as the most important supplier of stepper motor drivers in China, leisai has a number of national patented technologies, and has launched two series of stepper motor driver products, which can be configured with a variety of 4, 6, 8-wire two-phase, three-phase steps. Our experimental machine is mainly used to detect the mechanical endurance of materials. This is another major use of hydraulic technology, which is widely used in electronics, advertising, laser, packaging, textile and other industries. Among them, the high-performance M series is developed with American advanced technology, which is widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, hot water, machinery, medical appliances, food processing machinery and so on, with high-speed torque, fast response speed and high comprehensive performance; The low-noise nd series has an increase of about 0 2 dollars, using pure sinusoidal precision current control technology to ensure that the motor operates in an ultra-low noise state

since the launch of China's first motion control card in 1997, rexay technology has been leading the development trend of motion control technology on PC platform in China. At present, leisai has launched a number of PCI motion control cards/independent motion controller products, which can meet the needs of single axis, double axis, 4-axis and 8-axis motion control in different industries, and has been widely used in electronic processing, measurement and automation equipment fields, such as circuit board drilling/cutting machine, ultrasonic welding machine, silk screen printing machine, AOI detection machine, flying needle testing machine, laser welding machine, engraving machine, etc

in order to adapt to the future development and better realize the mission of leading motion control technology and deducing the future of equipment automation, leisai technology has established a number of subsidiaries and gradually built a modern enterprise group, becoming a well-known enterprise in the field of automation in China

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