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The double end bottle washing machine of pure draft beer filling line is favored by users

this report, the jcs30 double end bottle washing machine developed and designed by Chongqing light industrial machinery factory to meet the special requirements of bottle washing of pure draft beer filling production line has been successfully developed recently. Its products have complete functions, reliable and applicable, advanced control and simple operation

the bottle washing machine of the pure draft beer filling production line produced by Chongqing light industrial machinery factory adopts a double ended structure to separate the placement areas of dirty bottles and clean bottles in order to ensure that the output bottles are in a sterile state. In order to facilitate sterilization at the bottle outlet, the bottle outlet box is made of OC R Ⅱ 8ni9 stainless steel; In order to wash the bottle thoroughly, the effective washing time is extended to 16 minutes; The problem of land occupation caused by the extension of time is solved by using the vertical water tank structure, which reduces the load of the main engine and the wear of the main chain at the same time; The label removal device on the outer side of the machine makes the label removal complete and reliable; Automatic detection of alkali concentration ensures the cleaning effect; The machine is specially designed with a complete sterile water spraying and flushing system, and the "Rotary" spraying and flushing system can effectively reduce the dead angle of spraying and flushing; At the same time, the silent heating system, rotating and swinging bottle in and out mechanism, frequency conversion and speed regulation, DLC program control, touch screen operation, etc. make this machine reach the domestic higher level and develop a class of light induced valence tautomeric compounds with room temperature magneto-optical effect, which fully meet the clean requirements of pure draft beer for bottles

the machine is composed of bottle in and bottle out conveyor belt, bottle in and bottle out return device, box body, main drive system, label removal device, chain box device, spray punching system, pipeline system, electric control system, etc

the bottle inlet and outlet conveyor belt adopts a symmetrical design, which can meet the requirements of users to enter and leave bottles from different directions; The bottle inlet and outlet device and the return device adopt the swing rotation bottle inlet mode. The bottle is entered twice a week, and the bottle is discharged dynamically and synchronously. The bottle inlet and outlet is stable, the noise is small, the adjustment is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. The machine is composed of five carbon steel boxes and one stainless steel box (sterilization box). It adopts a vertical structure and is equipped with pre spray, pre soaking water tank, I soaking water tank, II soaking water tank and hot water soaking water tank, so that the effective soaking time is increased to 15.04 minutes. The main transmission system is composed of an imported main motor (SEW) and seven worm gear boxes. The number of sprocket teeth is specially proportioned, so that the transmission ratio of the bottle inlet and outlet device and the bottle inlet and outlet safety clutch is 1:1, which is convenient for synchronous adjustment. Each worm gear is equipped with automatic overload protection

the machine is equipped with two sets of independent interactive label removal systems to remove the label paper in the I and II soaking tanks respectively. The label removal device is equipped with a large box and a vertical label removal 2 Gb/t22435 (2) 008 "light alloy wheels of motorcycles and mopeds" belt is equipped with a scraper to cooperate with the pipeline system to make all the liquid with label paper in the I and II soaking tanks flow through the label removal box. By rotating the belt counterclockwise, the label paper is brought to the top of the label removal. After spraying, the label paper falls on the horizontal label removal belt. After rotating the belt, the label paper is brought out of the machine. At the same time, an extrusion rubber roller is set at the end of the horizontal removal label belt, which aims to squeeze the alkali liquor in the label paper that is not discharged from the machine body and reduce the waste of alkali liquor; The chain box device adopts the structural form of steel box, beam and all plastic bottle box. The bottle box beam adopts 16Mn U-shaped structure, with light self weight and good rigidity. The bottle box adopts polypropylene, which is acid and alkali resistant and not easy to aging

the machine adopts a combination of fixed spray and rotary tracking spray. It is equipped with pre spray, hot water spray and multiple groups of sterilization spray. The sterilization water adopts 0.4ppm CIO 2 or other sterilization liquid. The washed bottles can meet the requirements of the draft beer filling line with flexible swing of the pure lever and low friction. The synchronization of spraying and punching is realized by the collision block on the bottle box beam toggling the paddle wheel on the nozzle shaft. Pipeline system: stainless steel pipes, stainless steel valves and sanitary pumps are used in the pipelines of the sterilization water tank to ensure that the washed bottles meet the requirements of the pure draft beer filling line. Four sets of silent heaters are added to the steam pipeline, which improves the thermal efficiency and greatly shortens the heating time. Electric control system: ① touch screen operation, PLC control, variable frequency speed regulation of main drive motor; ② Alkali concentration and temperature self inspection and display; ③ Overload protection of bottle inlet and outlet and main drive

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