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Pursue excellence and improve efficiency, strive to build a world-class XCMG

pursue excellence and improve efficiency, strive to build a world-class XCMG

China Construction machinery information

Guide: the predecessor of XCMG group is the eighth Arsenal in southern Shandong established in 1943. XCMG group was established in 1989, and has always maintained the leading position in China's construction machinery industry since its establishment 24 years ago. At present, it ranks fifth in the world construction machinery industry. We should pay attention to the following four points: No. 1, No. 122 in China's top 500 enterprises, and it is the largest and largest construction machinery industry in China

XCMG group's predecessor is the eighth Arsenal in southern Shandong established in 1943. XCMG group was established in 1989 and has always maintained the leading position in China's construction machinery industry since its establishment 24 years ago. At present, it ranks fifth in the statistics of relevant institutions of the world construction machinery industry and 122nd in China's top 500 enterprises. It is the largest, most complete, most competitive and influential large enterprise group in China's construction machinery industry. The annual operating revenue increased from 386 million yuan at the time of establishment to 100billion yuan in 2012, ranking first in the industry. Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is a listed company of XCMG group, which was successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996 (Stock Code: 000425, referred to as "XCMG technology")

In recent years, XCMG has produced a number of products that represent the advanced level of China and even the world: 2000 ton all terrain crane, 4000 ton crawler crane, 12 ton China's largest large loader, 100 meter Asia's highest high-altitude fire truck, the fourth generation of intelligent pavement construction equipment, etc., which have had a subversive impact on the global construction machinery industry and broken the global monopoly of foreign enterprises. XCMG has 920 valid authorized patents, including 27 authorized invention patents, and more than 100 products are the first set of products in China. XCMG group has successively won the highest award in China's industrial field, such as "China Industrial award Recognition Award" and "National May Day Labor Award". In 2013, the company won the first "Jiangsu Quality Award"

XCMG products have been exported to 158 countries and regions in the world. In 2012, the export exceeded 1.36 billion US dollars, maintaining the first place in the industry for 24 consecutive years. At present, XCMG ranks first in the market share of 9 main engines and 3 key basic parts in China; The export volume and total export volume of five types of main engines continue to rank first in the domestic industry; The sales volume of truck cranes and large tonnage rollers ranks first in the world. XCMG's corporate vision is to become a world-famous, internationally competitive and proud world-class enterprise. The strategic goal of XCMG group is to exceed 300billion yuan in operating revenue by 2015, ranking among the top 3 in the world's construction machinery industry and among the world's top 500 enterprises

improve management efficiency with scientific methods

Six Sigma is a method to eliminate defects and reduce process fluctuations. It mainly focuses on the control of enterprise process quality. It measures the reliability of operations to meet customer requirements. XCMG has officially launched the Lean Six Sigma project since 2009. The implementation of the project not only pays attention to the flexible application of methods and tools, but also pays more attention to the effect of project implementation, the results of talent training, and the construction of continuously improved corporate culture, so as to improve the company's operational performance, achieve refined management, and meet the needs of the development of world-class companies. From the beginning of the project introduction, XCMG has positioned Lean Six Sigma as the company's business strategy of continuous improvement and innovation, focusing on the realization of short-term and long-term benefits

the training of personnel and the improvement of personnel ability are the basis for the implementation of Lean Six Sigma project and the transformation of corporate culture. Lean Six Sigma personnel training pays attention to the combination of learning and practice. Through multi-level personnel training, it can realize the foundation of self sustainable improvement of enterprises and form a new channel for talent selection and training. Lean Six Sigma has been implemented for more than 3 years, and XCMG has completed the training of 185 black belt and more than 1200 green belt students. Based on the previous project implementation experience and the actual situation of the enterprise, XCMG summarized and refined the "XCMG continuous change system XPS", which is a continuous improvement and change system for world-class manufacturing with Lean Six Sigma as the core

integrate the company's quality system and obtain the certification qualification

XCMG actively learns from the displacement positioning of the original experimental machine at home and abroad when measuring, and adopts the contact travel switch. The new experimental machine uses the non-contact photoelectric switch. In addition, in more accurate measurement, the position of the photoelectric switch can be used as the initial positioning, and then the manual micro feeding can be used as the precise positioning into the management mode, with the implementation of the standard as the leader, A standardized, scientific and standardized working system for the quality, environment, occupational health and safety and measurement management of the enterprise has been established. All the core enterprises under XCMG have passed the certification of quality management system, occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system. More than 20 kinds of products, such as truck cranes, loaders and road rollers, have passed the EU CE certification, American SAE standard and Russian toast certification. At the same time, six sigma, QC, eight small and other quality management methods are introduced to find the best solutions for product quality, production process and other management aspects

in order to quickly improve the overall operation efficiency of the company, straighten out and optimize the business operation process of the company, promote the overall improvement of product quality and service level, and promote and realize the common improvement of quality management level of all units of the company. According to the ISO9001:2008 international standard, the company has planned and integrated the company's quality system to achieve the overall certification of the company's quality system. The company has obtained the third-party certification qualification as a whole, and has obtained the "pass" of international trade for the company. The overall certification of the company's quality system is an innovation in the company's management and a major breakthrough in quality management since the company was founded 24 years ago. Through the overall certification of the company's quality system, the unified consciousness, unified management and unified requirements of all units of the company have been realized, and the standardized, scientific and institutionalized quality management system of the company has been created

strengthen technological transformation and improve product quality

the company not only pays attention to the improvement of manufacturing capacity, but also pays more attention to the improvement of manufacturing process level. The investment project is more forward-looking. The implementation of the investment project is fast, the progress is fast, and the efficiency is high. The technological transformation has entered the rapid implementation stage. In June, 2012, XCMG's four major bases of all terrain crane, loader intelligence, concrete pumping machinery and concrete mixing machinery, which are the world's largest, the most advanced process technology and the strongest lean manufacturing capacity, were completed and put into full operation at XCMG at the same time. The four bases of XCMG will add a total production capacity of nearly 40billion yuan after their completion, which is equivalent to rebuilding a new XCMG. This marks a crucial industrial upgrading and strategic transformation of XCMG during the 12th Five Year Plan, which will further consolidate and consolidate the "capital of China's construction machinery"

hard work creates success, and innovation leads the future. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "being strict, down-to-earth, progressive and innovative", the company will continue to unswervingly implement the excellent performance management mode, further change the management concept, strengthen the awareness of great quality of all employees, and promote the enterprise from excellence to excellence. We will pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of economic growth, the efficiency and pragmatism of system operation, and the progressiveness and reliability of product technology, and strive to become a world-class enterprise with global reputation, international competitiveness and pride of our people

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