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Pure water machines occupy the main market share. When can intelligent water purifiers be popularized?

home is a very warm concept. Family is an important fetter in our life. We attach importance to our family, to everything in the family, and cherish the family who has been with us for a long time. Therefore, we always subconsciously recognize and buy things that are helpful to our family, especially household appliances. According to a big data analysis report, when young people who enter work after graduation have a certain reserve fund, 89.5% will preferably consider buying household appliances, such as air conditioners, washing machines, range hoods or water purifiers

is it necessary to buy household water purifiers

I don't recommend indiscriminate purchase regardless of basic living conditions, especially water purifiers with different functional functions from other household appliances. If the domestic water environment is not ideal, and the water quality [odor, turbidity, etc.] seriously affects the quality of family life, then the water purifier is a necessary daily necessities. If the water quality is good, I suggest that those with better living conditions at home can purchase water purifiers from the perspective of water quality safety insurance. Only by combining the actual living conditions can we live a quality life

how do families choose household water purifiers

household water purifier is also called household water purifier, which is also called terminal water purifier in the water purification industry. Although the names are different, its function is clear. It is a small and medium-sized water purifier that provides water purification services for end-users. Household water purifier, as the purification equipment of the terminal water source, mainly focuses on deep purification and providing sufficient purified water for household use. With the development of the times, the function of household water purifier is not only water purification service, but also a series of household intelligent products have been developed in combination with the Internet era. Intelligent household water purifier has become a new product loved by household users and has occupied a certain share in the market

for ordinary household users, it is important to pursue the deep purification function of household water purifier. The social environment is seriously polluted, the water source is extremely easy to cause pollution, the transportation conditions of tap water are complex, the secondary water supply facilities are lack of monitoring, the pipeline cleaning is difficult and other factors, which are potentially uncontrollable and threatening risks for rural and urban household water. In some reports, cases of vomiting and diarrhea caused by sudden pollution of tap water have been reported from time to time. The only household water purifier that can exclude these risks is our household water purifier, which is also a deeply purified household water purifier. In the current environment of promoting development and upgrading, sudden risks are often unpredictable, but preventive measures are still needed. We should pay attention to the fact that the import of bauxite and laterite nickel ore fell by 49% and 33% year-on-year respectively due to this kind of explosive pollution and latent pathogenic and fatal pollution. Therefore, it is necessary for the household water purifier to play the role of safe and healthy drinking water

domestic water purifiers choose RO reverse osmosis membrane as the main filter element, and choose 50g, 75g and 400g water purification flux according to the domestic water use. Why choose RO reverse osmosis membrane as the main filter element of pure water machine? First of all, the filtration precision of RO membrane is as high as 0.001 μ m, which is 1% of that of ultrafiltration membrane. It can filter out small molecule pollution such as heavy metals! Then, in the water environment with serious heavy metal pollution in China, we can deal with the small molecule pollutants in the secondary pollution of tap water and remove these pollutants with high pollution probability and serious consequences. For the safety of domestic water, many people choose pure water machines. Pure water machine can occupy more than 52% of the water purification market, which is an urgent need for water purification safety. The choice of RO reverse osmosis membrane as the main filter element of domestic water purifier is not only the independent choice of people, but also the recommendation of many water purification manufacturers

with the development of the times, supported by the Internet, the mature architecture of mobile Internet and the application of IOT technology have made intelligence appear in people's lives. As a new thing in recent years, water purifier has developed rapidly in intelligence, which can be said to surpass the traditional household appliances. When purchasing household water purifiers, we not only pay attention to the water purification safety technology of household water purifiers, but also pay attention to the convenience brought by the use of products. As a product of the second research and development of the pure water machine in response to the times, the intelligent water purifier can better solve the problem of water quality safety, provide us with practical functions such as warming water quality data in the international market, monitoring water quality, providing filter element life data and leakage alarm, and solve the pain points of traditional household water purifiers. Therefore, intelligent water purifier has become the current household water purifier in our era

choosing a household water purifier is responsible for the safety of household drinking water. The purchase of products should be from the perspective of practical application. Don't be greedy for cheap. This is the difference of correction points. Household drinking water also needs to be checked by household water purifiers to protect the health and safety of families

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