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A week's comprehensive evaluation and analysis of coking benzene market operation (July 30 - August 3)

this week, the domestic coking benzene market has increased steadily, the transaction atmosphere of local markets has been significantly improved compared with the previous period, there are more downstream inquiries, the inventory of various manufacturers has decreased significantly, and the shipment is smooth. The coking benzene Market in the future will operate steadily and slightly upward. At present, the mainstream shipping price of coking benzene in Shanxi is stable at yuan/ton, and the low-end price is 5550 yuan/ton. Some manufacturers are still in a state of shutdown. The mainstream price of coking benzene in Hebei is 5700 yuan/ton, and the high-end price is 5850 yuan/ton. The stabilizer bar fatigue testing machine is mainly used for various shock absorption drivers. The vision will be wider. There are few high-end transactions in fatigue mechanics and performance tests of various auto parts, such as stabilizer bars, axles, brackets, and damping parts, and the market transactions have improved. The atmosphere of coking benzene Market in East China is stable, the transaction is stable, the middlemen are active in purchasing goods, the downstream receiving is increasing, the mainstream market price is 6000-6100 yuan/ton, the manufacturers' production is normal, and the shipment is smooth. The trend of 179 imported extruders in coking benzene City in Shandong Province in October is stable, and the manufacturers basically did not raise the shipment price, the mainstream quotation of each manufacturer is yuan/ton, the shipment of each manufacturer is stable, and the market trading volume has been enlarged

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