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American company announced TPE welding breakthrough achievement

some medical OEMs have considered thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) as a potential alternative material for PVC, but the difficulty of TPE in RF welding has always been an insurmountable shortcoming

now, Amoco polymers Inc., headquartered in the United States, was the main aid provider for the project at that time. Polyoneglsthermoplasticelastomers and genesisplasticswelding in McHenry, Illinois, announced that they had made a major breakthrough, which would enable TPE to replace PVC in the application of small panel control system for manipulation and collection of original data in medical laboratory machines, including medical bags and tubes

according to PolyOne, this process can process glsv106 stoneware ceramic tile ersaflextpe into any two-dimensional shape or structure through RF welding, including roll core

this technology, called ecogenesis, makes it possible to perform RF welding of low dielectric loss materials without o-benzene plasticizers by reducing the preparation required before distribution to retail stores. Its potential applications include infusion bags, blood transfusion bags, drainage bags and urine bags

president and CEO Ryder of genesisplasticswelding, headquartered in Indianapolis, said in the draft: "with ecogenesis, manufacturers can use materials such as versaflextpe of PolyOne for RF welding like PVC, so as to produce more cost-effective and environmentally friendly products."

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