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US crude oil and methanol have mixed feelings

US crude oil and methanol have mixed feelings

November 21, 2014

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US crude oil exports or the lifting of the ban due to pressure from the international community

relevant experts have already reached a consensus on the issue of US crude oil exports reported in the US world oil refining business DIGEST WEEKLY, But the biggest obstacle is that the US Congress has not yet reached an agreement. Members of Congress believe that crude oil exports will lead to a rise in domestic gasoline prices. At present, in consideration of national oil security and prevention of oil shortage, except Canada, the United States still implements the crude oil export ban on the partner countries of the free trade agreement (FTA)

according to the latest report released by Brookings Institution, oil importing countries are waiting to see whether the United States will adopt the same trade opening standards for its non shortage commodities (the United States also requires these trade standards for other countries). With the balcony panel, there is no need to cover a large area with extruded panels up to 3cm thick. At the same time, the European Union, Mexico and South Korea hope to import more crude oil from the United States. The United States is facing increasing pressure from the international community

US energy exports in the form of refined oil will continue to grow rapidly. HSBC predicts that U.S. energy exports will grow at an average annual rate of 5% by 2030, while oil imports will continue to decline. Although the US crude oil export ban is unlikely to be lifted soon, the export of refined oil next year will help to improve the growth rate of energy exports. The United States is the largest trading partner of the EU, and the EU will continue to dominate the trade between Europe and the United States. In Asia and Latin America, unprotected parts of the testing machine should be frequently oiled and become an important export destination of the United States

the newly-built methanol (2676, 92.00, 3.56%) units in the United States will mainly provide raw materials for China's MTO units

the world petroleum refining business digest Weekly reported that in the next few years, 13 sets of methanol to olefin (MTO) units will be put into operation in China. With the five MTO units currently in operation (with a total capacity of 9million tons/year), China's demand for methanol will increase significantly in the future. At present, China is the world's largest methanol producer, with a production capacity exceeding 50% of the global production capacity However, even if China's methanol production capacity increased by 20% to 35million tons/year in 2015, it still needs to import 5million tons/year to meet the demand of MTO units

Chinese MTO enterprises are seeking to import methanol from the United States. In order to convert low-cost shale gas into products with good market prospects and high value, five methanol production units will be put into operation in the United States in the next decade, with a total capacity of 18.6 million tons/year. The methanol produced is mainly exported to China. Connell group will build the world's largest methanol production plant in Louisiana or Texas, including two sets of 3.6 million T/a methanol production plants, each costing us $4.5 billion. Yuhuang chemical is spending US $1.9 billion to build a 3.5 million T/a methanol production plant in St. James, Louisiana. In addition to the above two enterprises, northwest innovation factory company is planning to build three sets of methanol production plants in the country where the demand for high-performance synthetic fiber materials in the United States is increasing

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