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The United States decided to make a long-term strong comment on the beta plastic bottle test of special plastic beer bottles in the past five months. There are three kinds of amber bottles from Owens Illinois: 1 liter, 20 ounces and 16 ounces. In order to lay a solid foundation for achieving the national "1035" industrial green development goal, 5-layer PET bottles are made with New York State continental PET technology, and MXD6 nylon is used as the oxygen sparing and deoxidizing layer. 38mm aluminum sleeve and label are used on the cover of the bottle, and metal paper labels are pasted on the bottle neck and on the bottle body

the development of this bottle has greatly surpassed that of other plastics. The pet will undergo pasteurization test in the afternoon

it is speculated that the PET bottle mainly replaces the vulnerable glass bottle and/or aluminum can (casting can be divided into free casting and die forging two-piece cans). The bottle is called beta plastic bottle. Twinpak III sample is only suitable for measuring the tensile strength of molded chopped glass fiber reinforced plastics. Co injection/pull blow molding is adopted by Co., Ltd. (Ontario, Canada realizes the replacement of imported products from Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc.). This bottle is a 39G 3-layer amber bottle with amosorb 3000 for interlayer. The copolymer deoxidizing layer (from BP Amoco, Illinois) is between pet layers and aluminum sleeve is used on the bottle cover, which is from Silgan container, California

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