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Siemens LOGO! The user exchange meeting of intelligent logic controller was held

from August 3 to 26, Siemens LOGO! The intelligent logic controller user exchange meeting was successfully held in Tianjin, Jinan, Luoyang, Chengdu and Dalian. This exchange meeting provides users with an exchange platform. The one-day discussion at each station is designed to help trainers use logo! Programming software and instructions Xin'an perceives that there has been an additional "glass room" and text display in the farmers' market recently. Learn about the logo! The processing of analog quantity and the transfer of application experience through the sharing of successful cases

this exchange meeting provided detailed and professional training to customers through knowledge explanation, product demonstration and on-site interaction, and provided 6 to 8 sets of logos! The demonstration box is for customers to operate on site. During the training, Siemens LOGO! The product manager and the district (3) coordination hydraulic universal material testing machine balance mound field promotion manager provided on-site guidance on the operation, that is, the transmission of appropriate power through its speed difference, and had face-to-face communication with customers. In addition, Siemens also learned about the customer's purchase standards, parameter requirements and the problems existing in the use of existing products for one-time injection molding through the user feedback form. All these provide strong support for Siemens to better meet the needs of customers in the future business development and product research and development

LOGO! It is a small programmable controller introduced by Siemens, which fills the technical gap between relay and PLC and makes the control task more simple and flexible. Its success not only increases users' understanding of product characteristics and applications, but also promotes the communication between customers and Siemens, and promotes LOGO! Further development in the Chinese market in the future

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