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Is Siemens oven co265ags0w embedded micro steaming and baking machine easy to use? First hand evaluation

this siemens/Siemens co265ags0w embedded micro steaming and baking all-in-one machine multi-functional steaming oven is a new product of Siemens 2019. It adopts the new home appliance design of Siemens 2019. How does this Siemens co265ags0w oven function and whether it is easy to use? Let's take a look at the detailed experience, price quotations, configuration features and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages of the scope of application points, hoping to help you choose reference

I. Siemens oven co265ags0w hands-on experience:

this Siemens oven co265ags0w micro steaming and baking machine is used. At first glance, it feels very beautiful in appearance, strong in texture, and good in use. There are many modes, and it is also good to clean and scrub. The service is very good. It is very convenient to have microwave heating, steamer, and barbecue functions. Powerful and affordable, one machine is really worth three machines. At present, I am generally satisfied Friends in need, please click here to view more details of evaluation of advantages and disadvantages

II. Price quotation:

this Siemens oven co265ags0w embedded micro steaming and baking machine is currently priced at ¥ 6999 in JD Siemens' flagship store of kitchen and bathroom appliances (click here to view JD quotation), and ¥ 8999.00 in tmall. If you have a tmall 300 yuan coupon, you may wish to pay attention to it, It's more valuable to start with activities

III. configuration features:

the appearance value is very high. Although there are some minor defects, it is still a very valuable choice for kitchen appliances considering factors such as price and function. For a family kitchen with limited space, having a micro steaming and baking machine that integrates microwave, barbecue and steaming is really helpful. It can cook more delicious food. The biggest factor in choosing a good kitchen appliance is itself, and choosing the right one according to the actual situation is the best

IV. advantages and disadvantages of user comments:

1. The design of this style is simple and atmospheric, mainly because of the large space. The frequency conversion machine is also particularly high-end, and the function of micro steaming and baking in one is very powerful. It's really much cheaper than shopping malls. The machine operation keys are easy to use, simple and clear. Everyone can use it. It is worth recommending. Like

2. It's a tall and fashionable micro steaming and baking all-in-one machine. It's really affordable to use multiple functions. I thought about this baby for a long time, and finally took a hard shot. Just after receiving the goods, I couldn't wait to open the wooden frame, unpack the package, and take a look. It didn't disappoint me me. It has many functions and is not very useful. Later, I consulted the customer service girl Yiyi, and the careful customer service girl taught me 10. Pressure plate size: how do I operate according to the size of pipe diameter, After trying to bake bread, I found that the operation is actually very simple, and there is automatic menu selection, which saves time and effort. Moreover, the black appearance has greatly improved the grade of the whole kitchen

3. I'm very satisfied, and it's convenient to operate, but the transformation of ideas and management mode can't be ignored. The customer service side has told me quite clearly. There's no problem with the use of the machine. It's also convenient to clean it. Just wipe it. The appearance is still good. There are many functions of the machine. You can calculate the impact strength, including microwave heating, steam function and barbecue function. They are very easy to use. I used them first, and the effect is also good

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