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Siemens lc45sa92mw+23e self-cleaning range hood evaluation good use experience

Siemens lc45sa92mw+23e self-cleaning range hood gas stove set meal European style range set

no disassembly and cleaning self-cleaning, please refer to the following user evaluation experience:

first use experience: the prospect of living is very decadent, bought at a moving price, the appointment delivery is very timely, the first day changed the time, the next day delivered, delivered to the door, The service was very good. It's also very convenient to make an appointment for installation. Door-to-door installation on time is the same as buying in the store. The range hood has great suction, so you won't be afraid of cooking fumes in the future. It was a pleasant shopping trip

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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Siemens lc45sa92mw+23e self-cleaning range hood configuration parameters:

model: lc45sa92mw+23e

intelligent type: do not support intelligent

range hood model: lc45sa92mw

Color Classification: 92m+23e

fuel type: natural gas

range hood we will use 3D plastic at the first time.Printers will be the fastest growing Plastic Processors Reply from the equipment room! Material of control panel: stainless steel

gas range structure: embedded

smoke is firm and reliable. Installation position: top suction

local service: local door-to-door installation

after sales service: national joint insurance

smoke range elimination package category: smoke range combination

range hood category: European style

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