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Siemens launched a new "asset analysis service" to provide condition monitoring for factories

Siemens launched a new asset analysis service to provide condition monitoring for factories

Siemens recently launched a new asset analysis service project, which aims to provide condition monitoring for machinery and equipment, production lines and even the whole factory, as long as it is tested in the early stage of processing. As part of the service, Siemens experts will assist customers in recording and analyzing operation data and status data, so as to realize the transparency of the status of key equipment and key factories and optimize their availability. In addition, Siemens will also provide condition monitoring services based on Scalable cloud infrastructure, which are suitable for various applications of Companies in various industries of different sizes

through the asset analysis service, a large amount of physical data (such as vibration, temperature, pressure, etc.) can be recorded in real time (such as the process data of the upper pressure plate installed at the lower end of the screw of the beam and the control system). Due to this relatively conservative treatment, it is then pretreated and transmitted to the Siemens Data Center for analysis. The service strictly complies with the safety standards cert and iso270001, which can ensure the maximum security of data. After the data is analyzed in the Siemens data center, the results are transmitted to the customer through the web portal or in the form of reports. When the critical limit is reached, an alarm will also be sent automatically. In this way, by continuously collecting and analyzing the operation and status data, the data information that will cause damage events can be detected as soon as possible and prevented in time. It can timely remedy the abnormal operation of the system, avoid production interruption, and help customers optimize their maintenance operations

asset analysis service is applicable to various applications, such as machine tool condition monitoring (machine tool analysis service). This service is mainly aimed at important components, such as the spool, spindle, tool magazine, chip conveyor of direct commissioning experimental machine, and the automation technology of gas and fluid system. For industrial applications with rotating parts such as pumps, compressors or mills, Siemens can also provide rotary equipment asset analysis services. Through asset analysis services, you can also monitor the entire production line, such as the stamping line in the automotive industry. It can analyze the measured values in operation and the data of the plant control system, such as oil pressure, air consumption or pressure angle. In addition, Siemens can also provide industrial IT infrastructure monitoring services. For example, Siemens industrial network analysis service can diagnose and continuously monitor the factory network. Moreover, these services can also be combined and extended to analyze and optimize the whole plant

through these new services, collecting and analyzing production data, Siemens will continue to improve its data-driven service range

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