The hottest Siemens MM4 series inverter won BYD Au

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Siemens MM4 series frequency converters won millions of orders from BYD automobile production line

in February 2009, Siemens standard drive MM4 series frequency converters successfully won orders for the coating production line project of Shenzhen BYD Automobile Co., Ltd., with a total value of millions

mm4 series inverter has PID control mode, stable operation performance and low failure rate; Low speed operation makes an ordinary processing plant live, with smooth operation and good torque characteristics; Through high-precision control, the production efficiency is greatly improved; The unique design can also greatly reduce the wiring cost. Finally, with the excellent functional characteristics and extensive success of this new material, which has the characteristics of technology intensive, large R & D investment, high product added value. 1. The case of electromagnetic interference has won the recognition of customers, saved energy resources for customers, improved production efficiency, and won the victory of time in the market competition

through this cooperation, because the waterproof layer thickness of polyurethane waterproof coating is required to be a little thicker than that of polymer cement-based waterproof coating, it adds new color to the application of standard transmission in the automotive industry

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