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Siemens joins hands with lino group to build smart parks

Siemens recently signed a technical consulting service contract with lino Group Co., Ltd., a material company with better performance and price ratio (hereinafter referred to as lino group), which will provide lino Group Jinan science and technology park with smart parks and smart energy planning reports. Today, the project kick-off meeting was held in Jinan. Lin Zebo, vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of Shandong Province, Gao Yuankun, chairman and President of lino group, and related technical experts (109) from Siemens urban capacity center and smart energy division attended the meeting

with the rapid development of global information technology, which forms a benign complementary and competitive relationship with large enterprises, and the rapid development of digitalization in the energy industry, smart parks and smart energy construction have become the development trend, and global industrial parks are gradually changing towards intelligence, innovation and science and technology. Zheng Feng, vice president of siemens energy management group and general manager of smart energy division, said that Siemens focuses on electrification, automation and digitalization. We hope that through this planning consultation, we can determine the actual verification projects, work with lino group to build a smart Park, explore the integrated solution of the organic combination of Siemens digital twins and lino group's distributed photovoltaic power generation, air source heat pump and other clean energy, and help the project become a demonstration case in the smart Park and smart energy field

according to the agreement, Siemens will submit to lino group in the form of special research and analysis report according to the market demand, application, development trend, domestic and foreign cases and main research conclusions of smart Park and smart energy technology, so as to provide lino group with the overall framework research and consultation of smart Park development, smart energy technology implementation plan, etc., and provide directional and feasible guidance for the future construction of smart Park of lino group. At the same time, according to relevant agreements, Siemens will also provide the logistics management technology platform of the pharmaceutical industry for the Keyuan pharmaceutical project of Linuo group

in November last year, Siemens and Rino Group signed a memorandum of understanding on framework strategic cooperation in the fields of intelligent manufacturing upgrading, intelligent energy cooperation and intelligent park construction in Germany, which determined to carry out innovative and practical cooperation in the construction of intelligent parks, intelligent energy and intelligent manufacturing with the goal of Rino sunshine industry, health industry, special glass and high-end chemical industry and park comprehensive management. The technical consulting service contract signed this time is the further promotion of bilateral cooperation under the framework of the memorandum of understanding

about Siemens in China

Siemens AG is a leading technology enterprise in the world, and has been committed to excellent engineering technology, innovation, quality, reliability and international development for 170 years. The company has businesses all over the world, focusing on electrification, automation and digitalization. As one of the world's largest energy-efficient and resource-saving technology suppliers, Siemens is a leader in efficient power generation and transmission solutions, infrastructure solutions, industrial automation, drives and software solutions. The company is also a leading supplier of imaging diagnostic equipment such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging systems, as well as laboratory diagnostics and clinical it. Since entering China in 1872, Siemens has basically formed an industrial system of high-end metal materials, advanced chemical new materials, electronic information materials and new inorganic non-metallic materials. Over the years, it has provided comprehensive support for China's development with innovative technology, excellent solutions and products, and has established its own style in the industry with outstanding quality, reliable reliability, leading technological achievements and unremitting pursuit of innovation. In fiscal year 2017 (from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017), Siemens' total revenue in China reached 7.2 billion euros, with more than 32000 employees. Siemens has developed into an inseparable part of China's society and economy, and is dedicated to working together with China to achieve sustainable development

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