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Synqor released ultra small 400W medical power supply module

synqor launched the first ac/dc power supply module specially developed for medical applications, making the company's diversification strategy continue to be successfully extended to new medical fields. Acuqor module series realizes the following functions in 3 "X5" x1.44 "It provides 400W useful power in a limited size, which is considered to be the smallest product in the world with the same power output module. Through technological innovation, synqor has achieved a leading position in the dc/dc market. This advantage of technological innovation is also reflected in synqor's ac/dcacuqor series module, and the module output efficiency has reached 91%. Synqor can provide 48V, 36vor2 to measure a small division of 4V single-way output ac/dc module, which These products can contribute to the application of distributed power architecture and backup batteries, and can also be directly used to drive other components such as fans, engines, pumps, lamps and so on

acuqor series can work normally under all but how to use metallographic polishing electromechanical input conditions (VRMs, Hz), which makes it available anywhere in the world. Under the condition of natural convection cooling and ambient temperature of 50 ° C, full power output can be achieved (at 70 ° C, the output power decreases linearly to 300W). The open module can output 500W transient power for up to 5 seconds; The proprietary closed module can output 500W transient power with longer duration. The active power factor is greater than 0.98, which conforms to iec/en standards. Inside the module, two input lines of AC are connected with fuses in series

acuqor series modules include two products, the latter of which can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission. The experimental results are in line with ul/en, and are specially developed for the application of BF (direct contact with patients) and CF (direct contact with the heart). The input ground leakage current and CF patient leakage current are lower than 110ua and 4ua required by the standard respectively. There is also a cardiac defibrillator to choose from. The creepage distance and air gap of its output to the ground are controlled in the minimum range, and can meet the requirements of ul/en pulse test criteria for cardiac defibrillators. Conducted radiation meets the levelb standard of en55011/55022 and fccpart15

provide other controls and inputs and outputs 11 The console is separated from the host, including 5V "AlwaysOn" standby power output, DC powergood signal, AC powergood signal, remote enabling control signal, fan status output/fan enabling input signal. At the same time, it can provide automatic recovery of overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating protection functions. The working temperature range is 0to+70 ℃

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