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Application of sy4200 fan pump special frequency converter in boiler variable frequency speed regulation technology

1. The boiler variable frequency speed regulation water supply does not show its strategic particularity control system

in the traditional boiler water level control system, the feed pump operates continuously at a constant speed, and the flow control is achieved by regulating the regulating valve and return branch in the water pipeline. Both methods have obvious defects. When using the regulating valve for regulation, due to the reduction of the opening of the valve, the pressure at the outlet of the water pump will rise, and the pressure difference between the two sides of the valve will increase, which will shorten the service life and encourage consumers to consume environmentally friendly products. When the reflux branch is used for adjustment, a large amount of water reflux also causes energy consumption

working principle of water pump

according to the working principle of the water pump, the flow is proportional to the speed n, the lift h is proportional to the square of the speed n, the shaft power P is proportional to the third power of the speed n, and the speed of the motor is proportional to the power frequency f. therefore, changing the power frequency can change the speed of the electric machine, that is, the feed pump, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating the feed water flow

system composition and principle

as shown in the figure, the system is mainly composed of a single-chip microcomputer and a frequency converter. Here, the drum water level is the controlled variable, and the water supply and evaporation are two auxiliary impulses. These three variables are detected by the electric differential pressure transmitter, and then the current signal of Ma is output through the calculation of the single-chip microcomputer to control the frequency converter to realize the adjustment of the speed of the water supply pump

when designing the system, the output frequency of the frequency converter should be determined first, because the selection of this parameter is related to the control effect of the whole system, and should be determined according to the parameters such as pump flow, head and the maximum and minimum water consumption

working state of the frequency converter

the frequency converter is set through the input and output terminals connected to the external circuit. There are two working states: manual and automatic. In the manual working state, the output frequency of the frequency converter is given by adjusting the potentiometer. This working state is operated when the single machine is stopped for some reason. In the automatic working state, it is controlled by the output signal of the single chip microcomputer

in practical application, the most practical advantage of this system over the traditional control method of regulating valve is that the power saving rate in the same period is nearly 20%, and it can better improve the automation level of the system

2. The blower (induced draft) control system of boiler variable frequency speed regulation

in addition, the air volume of the blower (induced draft) fan of the boiler also changes frequently. Because the steam volume changes frequently, the air volume needs to be adjusted frequently. For example, if it is adjusted by the valve, the distance between the boiler control room and the valve is far, so the operation is very inconvenient, and it is impossible to adjust properly. The air volume is adjusted too much, the oxygen content in the air exceeds the standard, and the heat energy is wasted, The air volume adjustment is too small, the residual carbon content of cinder exceeds the standard, and coal is wasted. Therefore, in order to improve the control level and ensure that the oxygen content in the air and the residual carbon content of cinder meet the standard, the air volume must be effectively adjusted in a convenient, sensitive and reliable way

in order to improve the control level of boiler air volume and achieve the effect of energy saving, frequency conversion regulation is adopted. On the other hand, it will increase the work and innovate the way to regulate the air volume, which is the preferred scheme. Because the application of variable frequency speed regulation technology can adjust the speed of the induced draft fan at any time according to the change of steam consumption, which reduces the pollution of noise to the environment (the motor operates below the rated speed, and the wind noise decreases accordingly), and plays a certain role in improving the mechanical performance of industrial sanitation at different levels. Because the bearing of the motor and fan is not easy to be damaged when the induced draft fan operates below the rated speed for a long time, and the service life is prolonged, The heating capacity of the motor is also reduced, and the maintenance capacity is reduced. The downtime is reduced, which saves a lot of maintenance costs

in short:

the application of Shenyuan sy4200 series fans and water pump energy-saving frequency converters in drum (induced draft) fans has a good effect and is worthy of promotion

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