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Symposium for new employees of China Railway 20th Bureau Construction Machinery Company

does the load measurement accuracy of new employees of China Railway 20th Bureau construction machinery company meet or exceed the standards of astm4 and iso7500/1 The load sensor should also consider: range, accuracy, repeatability, offset loading fault, nonlinearity, stable compensation range, temperature zero drift and sensitivity The automatic identification, calibration and zeroing of the load sensor greatly speeds up the experimental process and ensures the consistency and accuracy of the data In addition, the symposium

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Introduction: on July 26, the 2011 new student entry Symposium of the construction machinery company was held in the company's conference room, and the company's leaders, leaders from workshops, departments and offices, new students, representatives of old students, etc. attended the symposium. The construction machinery company always regards improving talents and optimizing structure as an enterprise

on July 26, the 2011 Symposium for new students of construction machinery company was held in the company's conference room. The company's leaders, leaders from workshops, departments and offices, new students, and representatives of old students attended the symposium

construction machinery company always takes "improving talents and optimizing structure" as the purpose of talent construction. First, maintain the stability of the number of talent teams, continue to optimize the structure, strengthen the quality construction of talent teams, and focus on training technology research and development talents and marketing elites. The second is to do a good job in the construction of four dashboards of the talent team echelon, and do a good job in "passing on, helping and leading" to make the talent team echelon more reasonable. The third is to do a good job in the enterprise education of new students, so that they can adapt to the new environment and move to new positions as soon as possible

at the symposium, executive director and general manager Wang biqiang made an enthusiastic welcome speech. He said that the new students have been studying hard in the cold window for more than ten years, and now they have officially left the campus to work. The company welcomes these young people with passion and dreams. However, the ideal is beautiful, and the reality is indeed cruel. The realization of any good ideal is based on hard work. The company is on the road of rapid development, and the desire for talents is thirsty. I hope everyone can work actively and be good at communication, so as to contribute to the vigorous development of the company. I also emphasize that the company will do its best to build a growth platform for young people, and focus on cultivating backup talents of the enterprise

Zhang Tianhua, deputy secretary of the Party committee, pointed out that the company has built a positive platform for new students and hopes that everyone can fully display their talents since its launch last October. In terms of work, I hope the new students will work hard, study hard and fully show their work charm; In life, the company provides single accommodation for new students, and the labor union will actively solve some of the difficulties we face in life and do a good job in logistics support

caiqinying, director of the general office, introduced the history, organizational structure, technology research and development and other basic information of the construction machinery company to the new students in detail, and explained to the new students the company's rules and regulations on the operation of instant noodles in terms of employee compensation, vacation and code of conduct. The new students also raised questions about their areas of concern, and the leaders in charge of the company also gave answers one by one

at the symposium, xiongdeqiong, assistant engineer of the technology research and development center, and xuwenming of the third workshop spoke on behalf of the employees and gave many sincere suggestions to the new students in their work and life. The new students said that they would quickly change their identity from students to enterprise employees and adapt to the new work environment

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