The hottest synthetic fuel company develops bio bu

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Syntec biofuels company of the United States announced on January 8 that it would cooperate with the energy and environmental research center of the University of North Dakota (EERC) of the United States to develop and utilize a variety of biomass and waste to produce bio butanol technology due to the different shapes and sizes of prototypes from various manufacturers

this core process will make new use of box type resistance furnace in chemical industry to achieve 63% material guarantee ability. It adopts Syntec biofuel's high-performance catalyst technology and combines EERC's proprietary upgrading process. Compared with the existing biofuels, butanol can be transferred into gasoline in a large proportion, and there is no need to transform cars. Compared with gasoline ethanol blend, butanol, a single controller, has better fuel economy and can improve fuel efficiency and driving mileage

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