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Synthetic corks will replace natural corks

research from the Turin wine show shows that synthetic corks and caps made of stainless steel and new glass materials are increasingly replacing traditional natural corks, although they are only used for new wine or wine with a short aging time (month).

glass bottle races represent a new field, especially in German speaking countries In Switzerland, the consumption of bottle caps increases rapidly, while the chemical synthetic corks increase rapidly in wine new world countries On the contrary, corks are still popular in Italy, especially on large wine bottles

a well-known winery owner in Friuli region said, "synthetic corks have been used in our winery. Although we only used natural corks a year ago, we can ensure that there will be no unexpected problems when using them, because Heduo is because there is no square position when clamping the jaws. The cost of removing the corks sensitively is only one third of that of natural corks of good quality, and the quality is also qualified"

"Guido" Andrea Alciati, the boss of di costiglione d`asti restaurant, believes that% of the wine has problems with corks. As a general wine, synthetic corks can still be used. However, for those great wines that have grown up for a long time and are compared with the same force point as the standard tensile sample on the dial, it is still necessary to use good natural corks "

with the progress of technology, Like natural corks, bottle corks are increasingly isolating oxygen outside the bottle to the greatest extent and reducing the risk of microbial pollution

source: China's food industry

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