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Technical application and environment of BOPS materials

material characteristics of PS sheet:

① small harmful residues, in line with international health standards, and no pollution to the contents during use. No pollution and environmental pollution during secondary treatment

② the proportion of materials is light, and the material consumption and energy consumption of finished products are low. Compared with the widely used rigid material PVC sheet, the utilization rate of raw materials is about one quarter higher

③ the material has high calorific value and high utilization value in the final treatment, which can be directly used for heat energy conversion

2. The technical support capacity of domestic and specific mixed BOPS sheet can be fully in line with international standards, and the product itself can positively accept the competition of foreign manufacturers in terms of technical performance. Whether it is finished products, coating, coloring, adding modification and subsequent treatment, it can meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets

ps sheet has strong substitutability in application. In addition to the above characteristics, BOPS sheet has good rigidity, high transparency, good secondary processing performance and other characteristics. On a broader level, it can replace a variety of current traditional materials, in line with the world trend of green environmental protection

learn from foreign experience and promote the modernization process of pollution-free rigid packaging. Developed countries have gone through detours and accumulated experience in their own development process. We can seriously learn from them, and we can't blindly follow the twists and turns. When white pollution has become a worldwide problem, we should learn from the experience of others. Developing countries should take advantage of their late development advantages to directly cross the exploratory process in some aspects and keep up with the world trend

application of BOPS materials abroad:

application in the United States; The annual consumption is about 200000-250000 tons, which is mainly used in food packaging, including all kinds of eggs, fruits and dairy products. Food products packaged in PVC can hardly be seen in large and medium-sized supermarkets in the United States

Europe learned from Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone about the use of the continent: in terms of food packaging, PVC and BOPS go hand in hand

usage in Japan: the annual consumption is about 150000 tons, which is mainly used for packaging fast food, food and clean vegetables

under the slogan of eliminating white pollution in China, various materials claiming to have superior substitutes have appeared one after another. What is the real situation? can make nothing of it! Then the facts speak louder than words. Look at the world and learn from others, and you will understand the situation. If we blindly limit ourselves to immediate interests, each of us will say and do his own thing, the mixed results will cause great damage to China's environment and resources

application status and development prospect of BOPS sheet BOPS sheet has never been recognized in China. It has experienced a difficult process from scratch, from a low starting point to the beginning of scale. At present, the total domestic direct consumption of BOPS sheet is about 15000 tons, which is mainly used in the following aspects:

1 Clothing accessories: the annual consumption of several major clothing production bases in China is about 2000 tons

2. Drug tray and other oral liquid packaging: the annual consumption of domestic drug and health care products manufacturers is about tons, all of which are colored sheets

3. Food and others: the annual consumption is about 5000 tons. The zigzag loading of cantilever beam zigzag Charpy specimen is about the weight loading situation. Generally speaking, the application status of the domestic market is: first, the grade is low, which belongs to the low-grade use of high-end products; Second, the scope of application is narrow, and the main surface has not been expanded. Domestic manufacturers actively seek foreign markets while exploring the domestic market, thus gaining growth. With China's imminent accession to the WTO, the domestic development maintains a rapid growth, and the social living standards continue to improve. B the demand of the domestic automotive industry basically depends on imports. Because of the excellent characteristics of its materials, OPS is bound to become one of the main forces in hard packaging materials

according to the current development trend, it is estimated that the domestic production capacity of 70000 tons will meet the design requirements within three years. At that time, BOPS will complete the target of the first round of investment, thus entering a stable period of scale production. From the analysis of industries covered, in addition to the stable growth of the traditional market, food packaging (including intermediate food and ready to eat food) will increase significantly. In addition to the direct export of film materials to foreign countries, domestic products will be exported by a large margin, and domestic technology, funds and equipment related to BOPS will be introduced to a greater extent to promote the overall development of the domestic BOPS industry

the main contradiction in BOPS sheet market and the corresponding countermeasures. The consensus of people inside and outside the industry is; The main contradiction restricting the development of BOPS sheets is that supply exceeds demand, that is, the contradiction between huge production capacity and narrow market. Through in-depth analysis, it is not difficult to see that the narrow market of BOPS sheet packaging materials is actually due to the poor replacement of BOPS sheet packaging materials for other toxic and harmful hard packaging materials that cause white pollution. Foreign development is precisely through replacement to obtain the long-term advantages of BOPS sheet packaging materials, and replacement is a long-term strategy that benefits the country and the people. This strategy is implemented through visible hands

on the one hand, BOPS sheet manufacturers should make full use of the invisible hand of the market to implement the expansion of BOPS sheet packaging materials, which is beyond doubt; On the other hand, the government and society should strengthen policies and norms, which is only a form of hand. This is the necessity and key to develop domestic BOPS sheet packaging materials. The lack of any aspect will affect the development of BOPS sheet industry. The necessary measures include three aspects: first, change the concept, re understand the excellent characteristics of BOPS sheet, and macroscopically select the long-term, potential social effects and enterprise benefits of BOPS sheet

second, we should clarify the mandatory policies and measures to promote BOPS sheet packaging materials to replace other toxic and harmful packaging materials as far as possible, and list BOPS sheets into the environmental protection grade preferred products as soon as possible in a standardized form

third, speed up technology development, reduce the use cost of BOPS sheets in daily life, and enhance the adaptability of BOPS sheets in the use process

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