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Science and technology enterprises in the New Area: change "white pollution" into "green business opportunities"

in 3 to 6 months, a "green" lunch box that can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide by insert injection molding will be "born" in Binhai at the end of the year

recently, some products of the world's largest polyhydroxyfatty acid ester (PHA) production base located in Binhai New Area have entered the customer trial stage. At the same time that the market promotion curtain is slowly opening, a fully biodegradable lunch box production demonstration line based on PHA application has entered the commissioning stage of the company. The expanded microspheres exhibited by the company have the characteristics of low density, light weight and good resilience, and are expected to be officially put into operation in the third quarter

green environmental protection returns to nature

after degradation, it can continue to be used in crop production

"the lunch box that will be put on the market at the end of the year will have the best performance in water seepage prevention, oil seepage prevention, heat preservation, sanitation and other similar products." Lvweichuan, President of Tianjin Guoyun biomaterials Co., Ltd., told: "the most remarkable feature of these lunch boxes is green and environmental protection. Their raw materials come from renewable biological basis rather than petroleum basis. After being abandoned, they can be completely decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms in river water, sea water, sewage and land in 3 to 6 months. After being completely degraded, they can continue to be used in crop production." When answering whether this biodegradable lunch box is expensive, Lu Weichuan said for example, "the raw material demand of the traditional lunch box is about 20g/box, while the demand of the new lunch box is about 5g/box. Although the raw material cost of the new lunch box is high, its total cost is slightly lower than the traditional legal lunch box."

small lunch boxes are linked up in a circular industrial chain

"carbon emissions" - "food carbon" -- foaming agent

the fully degradable lunch box production demonstration line currently being tested includes the whole process production process from PHA masterbatch to finished lunch boxes. From 2007 to now, it has experienced a four-year dormant period, such as pilot test and production equipment process transformation. It is expected to be officially put into use in the third quarter. "We have improved the equipment and processing technology of the original PS (polystyrene) lunch box production line, so that it can effectively meet the production needs of PHA lunch boxes."

according to Lu Weichuan, the traditional foaming agent "butane" is costly, unhygienic and unsafe. Taking advantage of the sufficient supply of carbon dioxide in the new area, it is replaced by carbon dioxide, which is environmentally friendly, hygienic, high quality and low price. This process innovation is also the first in China. "With the expansion of scale, the demand for carbon dioxide in the production of PHA lunch boxes will also affect the service life of the device, which will gradually increase. For example, if 100000 tons are produced, more than 10000 tons of carbon dioxide will be required."

it is reported that Tianjin LianBo Chemical Co., Ltd., currently located in Dagang, is the largest food grade carbon dioxide production enterprise in North China, and its raw materials are all from the carbon dioxide waste gas produced by Tianjin Petrochemical in production

seize the first opportunity in the new material market

launch both arrows in the domestic and foreign markets

National "white order ban", "plastic limit order" and other policies have opened a huge market gap for biodegradable raw material suppliers and related enterprises. "At present, the ratio of domestic market demand for biodegradable raw materials to actual supply capacity is about 4:1. The overall domestic production capacity is less than 100000 tons, while the demand for lunch boxes alone is more than 400000 tons." Lu Weichuan said

the foreign market is also in a good "money" situation. At the beginning of this year, Italy stipulated that all petroleum based plastic bags would be banned; The European Union also proposed that by 2012, 30% of plastic products should be degradable, and many domestic related enterprises have actively planned overseas markets. "At present, the PHA of Guoyun biology has passed the bio based certification of the European Union, and now it is doing the biodegradable demonstration of the European Union and the United States, and is making every effort to prepare for opening up the international market." Lu Weichuan said

Guoyun biology is not the only one actively engaged in biodegradable plastics in the new area

liuxinhou, director of Tianjin Institute of industrial biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that succinic acid is the precursor of biodegradable plastic PBS, and the industrialization of the project can effectively promote the development of new biomaterial industry. Now the Institute has cooperated with enterprises in the new area to carry out pilot projects of succinic acid project

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make it coincide with the main needle.

the raw materials required for PHA production are renewable products such as starch and glucose. After extraction, granulation and other processes, PHA has become the masterbatch for the production of downstream products of degradable materials. According to the different needs of the market, disposable tableware, non-woven fabrics, packaging materials, agricultural coatings, toys, coatings, adhesives, fibers and other degradable products can be produced. The degradation time is 3 to 6 months, while the degradation of traditional "white pollution" takes hundreds of years

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