Technology and method of oil mist treatment of the

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Technology and method of oil mist treatment of large air supply equipment

[Abstract] with the development of large air supply equipment in the direction of high power, high pressure, large flow and high speed, liquid forced lubrication is used. In fact, the lubricating oil electronic tensile testing machine is not just a simple tensile test, which inevitably produces oil smoke and oil mist to varying degrees, causing great pollution to the production environment and directly affecting the health of operators. At the same time, the plant has been left with various degrees of potential accidents. In view of this situation, this paper expounds a technology and method to control the oil mist generated by itself with its own wind

key words: centrifugal compressor blower oil mist treatment

I. overview

centrifugal compressors and blowers are important air supply equipment produced by enterprises, and their lubrication system adopts forced lubrication of oil liquids. Due to the high power, high speed and high temperature of the unit during operation, this kind of equipment will produce oil smoke and oil mist to varying degrees, which will seriously pollute the air of the plant, bring hidden dangers to production, and seriously endanger the physical and mental health of operators. At present, two methods are widely used to control the oil mist of this kind of equipment: one is to use explosion-proof fan to extract the oil mist in the oil tank and send it to an oil-gas separator, where the oil is recovered and the air is discharged; Second, use explosion-proof special fan to pump the oil mist into the special cooling and separation device system to recover the oil (cooling system is required). Both of the above two methods require moving parts and separation devices, which are large in volume and high in cost, and are limited to the local oil mist treatment of the oil tank. The oil mist formed at the operating part of the body cannot be recovered, which has certain limitations

II. Working principle and method

the method described in this paper can be used on centrifugal compressors, blowers and other air supply equipment forcibly lubricated with oil. It is a kind of self-made micro air jet vacuum pump installed at the place where the oil mist is generated without any other power and special oil mist removal equipment in any three test pieces in each group, and then skillfully attracts the air of the air supply equipment through the pipeline, Organically combined into a vacuum system and oil recovery and mist discharge pipe. During operation, the adjustable wind with a certain pressure is injected through the contraction expansion nozzle of the wind jet vacuum pump, and then the wind flows to the diffuser at a high speed. While the speed increases, the wind pressure decreases, forming a negative pressure in the cavity, so as to suck in the oil mist to be pumped. The two mix in the mixing chamber and enter another contraction expander together, so that the flow rate of the mixed gas continues to decline and the pressure increases until it is equal to atmospheric pressure, After being discharged into the rear pipe and condensed by a certain length of pipe, the oil returns to the oil tank (or other places). The lampblack and waste gas are led outdoors and discharged into the atmosphere, so as to achieve the purpose of oil recovery and fog control. Because this method has no moving parts, it is simple in structure, easy to make and install. It is especially suitable for the natural environmental protection of air supply equipment that generates oil mist by itself. This method has been patented by the state. Its principle is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 oil mist treatment of high-level oil tank

in addition, this oil mist treatment device can also be installed in the rotating part (Figure 2) or non rotating part (Figure 3) of the equipment, which can be used alone, or can be used in series or parallel in multiple places (Figure 4). At the same time, the device has simple structure and can be made by itself. On the premise of meeting the requirements of demisting, the volume can be large or small. In terms of air use, oil mist can be taken away as long as a slight negative pressure is formed at the recycling place. Generally, high-pressure air is not used, and only a small amount of air needs to be drawn from the low-pressure section, which has little impact on the air supply volume for air supply equipment. 2 Processing and utilization of recycled materials

Figure 2 oil mist treatment on the engine block

Figure 3 booster engine position figure

Figure 4 series and parallel hybrid use treatment

III. application effect and promotion

this technology has a very obvious effect through the test on two D centrifugal blowers and three ei/0.97 centrifugal compressors in our plant, which greatly improves the environment of the plant, eliminates the phenomenon of diffuse smoke in the plant, and the fog control rate reaches 100%. At the same time, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, the hidden dangers caused by smoke to the equipment are eliminated, and the shutdown times of the equipment are greatly reduced. This technology is the first in China, with low cost and good effect. It is suitable for all kinds of high-power, high-speed centrifugal compressors, centrifugal blowers, etc. it can also be extended to places that provide external air sources and produce dust, smoke and harmful gases. If this technology is used to replace the expensive oil mist treatment equipment of Ms. Wu Fen, chairman of tongjulong technology, it can save a lot of costs and produce great economic and social benefits

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